Palhoça bands perform double event in Criciúma

Next Saturday (16), the “Palhoça – Recorte na Estrada” project will hold a show at Parque das Nações; on Sunday (17), a 'round table' will take place at CAT

After a busy start, with shows in São José and Laguna, the project “Cutout - Palhoça on the Road” arrives in Criciúma for a double event on the 16th and 17th of March. The initiative brings together three bands from Palhocense on a tour of Santa Catarina. The events are free. 

On Saturday (16), the Cincinato Naspolini Nations Park it will be the stage for a true musical party. From 17pm, band shows will take place Yaju and the Hypertensive, Soul Ceam e Akanoá. This will be the third triple show of the initiative — which started in February, in São José, and confirmed a performance in Laguna. Another seven cities in Santa Catarina are on the schedule. 

On Sunday (17), at 14pm, the Tourist Service Center (CAT) – space attached to Parque das Nações – will receive a new project activity: a 'round table' open to the public. The chat is aimed at cultural agents in the region, with the aim of generating connections and discussions about the contemporary independent music scene in the state of Santa Catarina

The “Recorte - Palhoça na Estrada” project is made possible with resources from Federal government e Paulo Gustavo Cultural Emergency Law, by Santa Catarina Cultural Foundation (FCC).

The initiative's passage through Criciúma has cultural support from the Criciúma Cultural Foundation.

It is worth noting that Parque das Nações is located near Avenida Gabriel Zanette, in the Próspera neighborhood, in Criciúma.

Palhoça Bands

One of the roots of the project is the band Soul Cream, formed by Dierre Pichorz (guitar and vocals) Jorge Kloppel (down) and Oliver Sylvester (battery). The trio creates an original sound that mixes R'n'B, rock, funk, soul and blues. This essence has already been presented at important events such as: UFSC Festival, Entre Rios Song Festival, in Rio do Sul, na Florianopolis Cultural Marathon and the 9th Santa Catarina Rock Week. Additionally, they just released the EP “Samsara fleet”, which made headlines in the media, in addition to two live sessions and an EP of reinterpretations. 

Formed in 2018, Akanoá has been collecting releases and shows in spaces considered relevant to the local scene. Among the recorded works are the EPs “An idea in this world","Project" is live sessions do Collective The Bubble. Formed by Anderson Oliveira (low), Caetano Cainã (drums), John Thibes (vocals) and Matheus Barbi (guitar), the band continues working on the production of their first album.

The other band emerged from a different context. After releasing the EP “Years Before The Bad Times", the singer yaju decided to expand his horizons and team up with friends to create new music and reinterpret old ones. Thus, Oliver Silvestre took over the drums, Dierre Pichorz incorporated the bass and Thiago Santos He took over the guitar. Together, they played on 9th Week of Rock Santa Catarina and recorded a live sessions produced by the collective A Bolha. 


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