Brazilian tourism shows signs of recovery and grows 47,7%, according to research

Image from Fotos-GE by Pixabay.

            O was one of the sectors that suffered the most from the health crisis. However, this market has gradually managed to recover its stability, and it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel – at least that is what some data released by the FecomercioSP Tourism Board demonstrates. According to the survey carried out, in April, national tourism grew 47,7% compared to the same month last year, with revenues in this period reaching R$ 15,3 billion.

            The justification for such significant numbers, according to the FecomercioSP Tourism Board, is due to the holidays in Tiradentes, Good Friday and the festivities of Carnival.

            The president of the entity, Mariana Aldrigui, participated in an interview on CNN Rádio, where she pointed out that in a short time the sector will reach the same levels seen before the pandemic, at least in tourism carried out by planes. “We are at 96%, we just didn't go back to the pre-pandemic because of business tourism, many companies understood that having online meetings was more interesting”, said Aldrigui. The executive also reported that this significant recovery is due to the great pent-up demand, since for more than a year and a half people had to postpone their travel plans.

            Despite the numbers pointing to a golden future, Aldrigui is keen to point out that due to the somewhat chaotic economic scenario, the recovery of the sector until the end of the year is not guaranteed, since from August onwards the forecasts are still quite uncertain.

            To justify the increase in national tourism, Aldrigui pointed out the great variation of the great foreign currencies, such as the dollar, which in less than a week showed an impressive increase, as well as the disarrays that are taking place in Europe, where there has been a lack of manpower in the airports and strikes. As a result, many Brazilians are discouraged from traveling abroad and prefer to “tourist” in Tupiniquim territory. This is easier to observe when analyzing the numbers, since in domestic terms the sector is in full recovery, but when we look at the international scenario, this industry is 40% below expectations.

Possibility of improvement in numbers

            In recent months in the political environment, there has been a lot of discussion about a possible regulation of gambling in national territory. And if that really happens, after more than 75 years since its ban, Brazil could once again have casinos. Since, currently, gaming platforms are already a real success here, and many players take advantage of the services offered by to find a safe and reliable site where they can have a few hours of fun. This is because the platform provides a lot of information about the best online casinos, also separating the bonuses and promotions that guarantee the greatest benefits to users.

Despite being seen with good eyes by a portion of the political class, the return of casinos in the national territory is not unanimous, and last Wednesday (29), it was discussed once again how gambling regulation could help the national economy, helping to restructure other sectors such as tourism and hotels.

According to federal deputy Newton Cardoso (MDB-MG), the current moment seems quite opportune to discuss the regulation of gambling, which has shown itself to be a promising path for the rehabilitation of national economy, since this industry, in addition to thousands of direct and indirect jobs, would also bring debts to the country.

According to Newton, without regulation of this sector, Brazil has failed to collect at least R$ 30 billion per year, an amount that the country cannot afford to “lose”. Bill 442/91 is currently the most promising for the creation of a regulatory framework for gaming. The matter was approved in February in the Chamber of Deputies, however, it has been shelved in the Senate since then.


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