Shows, exhibitions and performances will mark the debut party of the collective A Bolha

The party "Borbulha" will be this Friday (18), in the center of Florianópolis, with tickets at R$ 5

A Bolha debuts for the public this Friday (18) - image from a studio recording | Photo credit: press advisory A Bolha/Disclosure

Breaking up divisions of social groups and uniting the artistic class of the Greater Florianópolis region. To move towards these goals, 16 artists mobilized to found the the bubble, a collective that aims to stir up the regional scene, bursting bubbles through the union between different forms of art. In this vein, the group will hold its debut event this Friday (18), at Haôma Lower Center, in downtown Florianópolis.

Entitled "bubble", the event will be the stage for multiple languages ​​and various attractions, starting at 21 pm. In this sense, to pack the audience, the party will feature concerts by bands Akanoá, cambirel, soul cream and the singer yaju🇧🇷 In the intervals between the musical attractions, the poet William Schutz will perform interactive performances, bringing verses, interpretations and projections. 

The Haôma hall will also be an exhibition space for the visual artist Nicole Kirchner🇧🇷 The show will feature several original illustrations by the artist, a student in Visual Arts at the State University of Santa Catarina (Udesc).

For those interested, a shop will be installed on site, with various items being offered. Free souvenirs and products with varying prices will be available. In this sense, it is also worth noting that tickets for "Borbulha" will be sold at R$ 5 at the event's entrance.

Anyone who climbs the stairs from the bar will also come across a tattoo exhibition in studio, with organization of hudson frank e Jesse Marton

More than a multicultural event: the debut of A Bolha will also reward the luckiest visitors. who participate in raffle posted on the profile @abolhacoletivo on Instagram could win a flash tattoo + free pair of tickets or gifts from the artists — among them, an e-book of "Insânia de Saudades", an exclusive collection by the writer Willian Schütz. During the party, another raffle should take place, with a prize of R$ 50 consumed at "Borbulha". The organization recommends that the public arrive early, as draws will be made between the first attractions. 

Meet the artists

Just access the digital channels of the artists to discover their respective work. Akanoá:; cambirel:🇧🇷 Nicole Kirchner:; soul cream:; yaju: e William Schutz:🇧🇷 The works of tattoo artists Hudson Frank and Jesse Marton can be seen on the profiles @hud.ftattoo and @jessy_artt on Instagram. 

The collective

Created in 2022 by artists from Palhoça and region, the collective the bubble aims to integrate different local artists, breaking social bubbles and boosting the visibility of those involved. For this purpose, the group performs recordings in the studio, live sessions, events and provides communication assistance. More information can be found on the profile @abolhacoletivo on Instagram. Soon, new communication channels will be made available.


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