Useful sites you might not have known about

Do you want more productivity, practicality, convenience and efficiency in your daily life? So check out some suggestions for useful sites you might not know about!

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Browsing the vastness of the internet is like exploring an immense ocean of information. While many of us tend to frequent the same old websites, there is a world of useful and surprising resources that may be getting overlooked.

Therefore, having access to some useful sites that you may not have known about can provide much more practicality and convenience for your day, regardless of what your goals are.

Therefore, check out this guide, where we will delve into a selection of the best useful sites that you may not yet know about and that will simplify your life, expand your knowledge and bring you a lot of news. See more below.

Sites for learning and personal improvement

If you are looking for learning and personal improvement, there are excellent sites that offer online courses for all tastes and goals. So, check out the best ones below:

Coursera ( The Coursera website is an alternative that offers several online course options at major universities around the world. In it, those interested can find courses from business to data science.

Grancursos Online ( this site was created especially for those who study for civil service exams and want to achieve the long-awaited approval. It offers several preparatory courses for students across the country online. Therefore, if you want to learn and qualify, it is worth knowing.

Duolingo ( Duolingo is a popular website for students looking to learn a new language. It provides fun and interactive lessons to help users become fluent in multiple languages.

Khan Academy ( Khan Academy is a platform available on the internet where interested parties have free access to several classes on a wide range of subjects, such as arts, sciences and mathematics. So it's a great learning platform without having to break the bank.

Sites for Organization and Productivity

If you're the type of person who likes to be more organized in your daily life to produce more, it's time to get to know some excellent sites that help you to be organized and productive. So, check out our suggestions below:

Trello ( A project management app that helps you keep your tasks and projects organized in visual boards.

Bahia Terra ( if you are passing through Bahia and need to organize every detail of the trip, then this site will be extremely useful. So enjoy and discover all the ways to get to Morro de São Paulo, in addition to several other important information about this Bahian paradise.

Evernote ( This app is perfect for jotting down and organizing your ideas, to-do lists, notes, and even saving web pages.

Coffitivity ( If you like to work or study in environments with cafe noise, this site reproduces the sound of a cafeteria to improve concentration.

My Editor ( Meu Redator is a website created especially for those who work in the production of content on the internet. Well, it offers several tools for revising and creating texts such as word counter, letters, lines, numbers, symbols and more. So if you write texts, this site will help.

Miscellaneous utility sites

Sites with different utilities can be used for a variety of purposes, from scheduling meetings to checking for data leaks on the internet. So, see some suggestions below:

ChannelsPlay Today ( if you like watch live football today, this site is one of the best options available. Well, it offers numerous channels and championships completely online and free for everyone.

Calendly ( A scheduling tool that facilitates scheduling meetings and appointments, avoiding scheduling conflicts. So, if you are the type of person who suffers from a lack of organization and needs a tool that can help bring more practicality when it comes to defining your schedule, this site is worth knowing.

Have I Been Pwned ( This site checks whether your email address has been compromised in internet data breaches. In this way, it is an extremely necessary and useful tool, especially if you have confidential information that must be kept free from hackers. Just check it out and see if there was any kind of data leak.

IFTTT ( A service that allows you to automate online actions such as synchronizing applications and performing tasks according to predefined rules. It works very similarly to an artificial intelligence, we can be configured to perform different types of tasks without the need for human intervention. 

Websites to Unlock Your Creativity and Inspiration

To close our list of useful sites that you might not have known about, it is worth talking about some options that will unlock your creativity and inspiration. So how about meeting them next?

Behance ( A platform that brings together portfolios of artists and creatives from around the world, offering visual inspiration and networking opportunities.

TED ( TED Talks feature short, inspiring talks on a variety of topics from science to personal motivation.

Unsplash ( A collection of free, high-quality photos that you can use in your creative projects.


With these helpful sites, you're ready to explore a world of online resources that can enhance your personal and professional life. Well, we know that the internet is full of tools, platforms and inspirations ready to be discovered. 

So, as you delve into this virtual universe, remember to share these hidden gems with friends and family so everyone can enjoy the benefits these sites offer. 

So get ready to be amazed and make the most of the vast potential of the internet!


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