What to do in Florianopolis in winter

Winter is coming and the beaches, the main tourist attraction of Florianópolis, lose their attractiveness due to their low temperatures, and so many tourists begin to ask themselves: what to do in Florianópolis on winter holidays?

Despite the cold, Floripa's winter also has its advantages such as lower prices, emptier tourist spots and less rainfall. In this article we will list some of the best options that the island offers in the low season, without forgetting to mention to sports lovers the option of sports betting online, which you can enjoy using your cell phone in between tours and in your spare time at your hotel.

Enjoy cultural attractions

When the cold weather does not allow for an outdoor walk, you can still have fun with the good cultural attractions that Florianópolis offers to its visitors. O Integrated Culture Center concentrates a good part of these attractions, with a weekly schedule of musical performances and alternative cinema shows.

Enjoy the delicious cuisine

If you like good food, you will be able to enjoy great restaurants on winter nights. Downtown Florianópolis is taken by Italian cuisine, with several restaurants specializing in pasta, sauces and wines on Avenida Beira Mar.

If your preference is for seafood, Ribeirão da Ilha is your place. There you can enjoy an enchanting setting by choosing establishments with decks overlooking the sea. In the surroundings of Parque do Manguezal do Itacorubi, in turn, many restaurants offer tempting menus and all-you-can-eat meals, including fondue options.

Take a nice schooner ride

The schooner trips are one of the most traditional programs in Floripa and allow us to have a panoramic view of the island. There are several types of tours, including themed boats with crew dressed as pirates, which can last up to six hours. You will be able to visit the beaches, walk around the imposing fortresses that defended the city and have lunch in restaurants by the sea.

Stroll through the historic center

This tour is a chance to get to know Santa Catarina's history better and warm up your body with a good walk. One of the most striking points is Praça XV, where the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Santa Catarina Historical Museum and a century-old fig tree are located, famous for bringing luck and wealth to those who walk around it. The Public Market, five minutes from the square, also attracts many visitors with great food, regional handicrafts and musical performances.

Spotting whales on the shore

The coast of Santa Catarina is visited by right whales right whales from July to October. These animals approach the coast to give birth and nurse their young, creating a unique and wonderful spectacle with their appearances and dips in the water.

Thanks to the many hills and viewpoints in Florianópolis, it is possible to see them during the day, but the task is not easy, after all, it is impossible to know where they will be. Once on the island, you can seek out an expert guide. They keep in touch with other guides who let them know when there is groups of whales at a given location.


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