Unmissable Brazilian classics

When we mention Brazil, many places come to mind, especially beaches, but we can't really decide on just one place. This is impossible because of its geographic immensity, it would take a long time to get to know every corner of this great country. We will then be able to see some specific cities and what they have to offer.

One of the places is the famous coral coast of Maragogi, belonging to the state of Alagoas, north of the capital Maceió. We are talking about a place where the main attraction are the natural reefs, which form aquariums and allow us to live an experience of cohabitation with the different species of aquatic fauna in the region. Being one of the most requested activities by tourists, some companies include this excursion to the Maragogi Packages with flights and accommodation, adding to this unique experience.

For a trip of 5 days or a week we find the maragogi packages, who always have the option to add a vehicle for transfers, and make our stay much more accessible and light, also hiring certain tours and not worrying about the lack of quotas.

Another city worth mentioning is Gramado, which belongs to the state of Rio Grande do Sul, north of Porto Alegre. decide a trip to Gramado It has great advantages, unlike the Atlantic coasts, as it has some unmissable lakes and also has several parks and monuments.

In this city, we find the source of eternal love. And to get a Gramado travel package complete, we couldn't miss the fun rides regardless of age. The Gramazoo, a reserve where we can see the animal species of the area and the snowland, as a snow theme park for gliding, making dolls and ice skating.

Many companies offer us these advantages when considering a trip to Gramado.

More wonderful destinations

To continue with destinations far from the coast, we have many more options to offer, it will not be the crystal clear waters of high temperatures like those of the Mediterranean Sea, but we can talk about Caldas Novas, belonging to the state of Goiás, which offers us thermal waters with a great share of fun, both in water theme parks and in the relaxation part in natural pools, offering that necessary comfort that frees us from stress and allows us to spend some pleasant moments. when we think about Caldas Novas packages as a tourist destination we are not talking big budgets, it is generally an affordable destination.

Thinking of Caldas Novas Package of flight that offers us more comfort, making it easier for us to stay for short breaks from 2 days to a week and having a vehicle available for all our transfers.

Arriving in one of the busiest states, like Bahia, where to its northeast we can find Porto Seguro.

a visit to Porto Seguro travel, a small town that enchants with its beaches, feeds us with its history with its cultural centers, allows us to dive in its reefs to see all those fish up close, as well as in the family-friendly water parks for extreme fun for everyone.

when we book Packages to Porto Seguro, as we always say that the transfer is important and sometimes we ignore it, we don't take it into account and there are some companies that for a small difference already allow us to guarantee all the tickets, both to visit the parks and the history of this city at our own pace , also allows us to enter the Jaqueira native reserve, as one of the most peculiar natural places to see.

Another more common destination may be Florianópolis, where we find many attractions focused on attracting tourists, being closer to the south of the country. There is a lot of Argentine, Uruguayan and even Chilean audiences; most of them are enjoying their vacation or backpacking routes, exchanging their stay for work in hotels or restaurants which are the most common jobs for these travelers. But also, on the other hand, we can find complete families who come just to relax and drink some good and traditional caipirinhas.

Many intercultural events take place under the lights of this city, such as several festivals. Gastronomic influences from other parts of the world reached the shores of the island of Florianópolis. Visiting its islands is also part of the most chosen excursions by tourists.

Thus, we can see that Brazil provides us with historical beauties, as well as beaches and possible sunsets that are indescribable in their beauty. There are at least 5 cities that cannot be forgotten when arriving or passing through with a short stop. Whatever port you touch by air or sea, you should always be ready to live a unique experience. As we have already seen, each city is impressive in its own way. The good thing is that we can always consider the risks when deciding to stay in any destination, which is why previous assessments are important. We talk about reviews and quality according to the price. They are generally affordable as these destinations have a lot of competition.

The range of tour packages on offer is very wide and for all tastes, from family plans with small children to night projects to get to know the Brazilian night safely, advising which bars or beaches to visit when the sun goes down. Also couples as romantic destinations, help us a little to decide which destination to choose, places of promises of eternal love or ceremonies on white sand beaches and proposals in front of the sea with crystalline horizons in their reflection of sunsets.

We can say then that there is a city for each audience in different formats, but that at the same time a single city is home to all types of travelers who want to visit it, they are versatile and offer us much more than what we can consider. to fully satisfy our experience knowing a little more about Brazil.


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