Must-See Places in Florianopolis

Pedro Ivo Campos and Colombo Salles Bridges
Pedro Ivo Campos and Colombo Salles Bridges

Florianópolis is the southern Brazilian coastal city and Santa Catarina's capital. Most of the city area is located on the island state, connected to the mainland by two modern bridges and an old one. But only a small part of this locale can truly be called urban since so much of it is made up of beautiful beaches, incredible nature scenes, and a large lagoon.

The Metropolitan Cathedral

Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianópolis
Metropolitan Cathedral

The Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora do Desterro e Santa Catarina de Alexandria, or The Our Lady of Exile and St Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral, is a Catholic church which is used as a main place of worship for the archdiocese of Florianópolis. It's been operating since 1908 and is protected by Brazil's National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute.

Colonization began in Florianópolis in 1673, Francisco Dias Velho acquired the legal title of these lands in 1679 and started construction then. It was a small building made of limestone and the founder of the city, named Desterro then, was assassinated in it, a sad fact which elevated its status to that of a cathedral.

The Municipal Market

Florianopolis Public Market
Florianopolis Public Market

The Municipal Market, or Municipal Market, is something of the living museum and has a storied past extending back 200+ years.

Originally, sellers in the market operated from out of tents and there was significant debate about where to build a more permanent structure. The location may seem odd at first, with the Customs House adjacent as it is to the Municipal Market, but a quarter-mile, or 400 meters, of landfill was placed in front of the area to create space for the market.

The building was finally completed in the early 1930s but it has seen several fires and has had numerous renovations between then and now. Today it consists of two hallways filled with stalls and a center court that you can purchase delicious items from to enjoy back at your hotel or hostel room, alone while enjoying a good book or as you play online blackjack games, or with friends, family, or whatever traveling companions you may find yourself among!

The Hercilio Luz Bridge

Hercílio Luz Bridge
Hercílio Luz Bridge

The Hercílio Luz Bridge is the oldest link between Florianópolis and the Santa Catarina continent and is the longest suspension bridge in Brazil.

Construction on it began in 1922 and it was finished and then inaugurated in 1926. It is over 800 meters long, with almost 259 meters of viaduct from the island, and has a central span of almost 350 meters, along with 221 meters of viaduct from Santa Catarina.

The Hercilio Luz Bridge is a steel structure and weighs roughly 5 tons. Its foundations and pillars used almost 000m³ of concrete, and two towers rise 15 meters from sea level. Its central span is 74 meters high.

The bridge got opened to the public in May 1991 but being opened an expansive restoration before being closed up to once more in December 2019.

The State Park Of Serra do Tabuleiro

A special part of this state park shows a mix of endangered and typical Brazilian animals, including the tapir and the capybara. It's an ideal area for enjoying nature, hiking, and walking.


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