Band Soul Cream releases new single and announces release calendar

The track “Eraserhead” is now available on digital platforms; In the coming weeks, the trio from Palhoça (SC) will release clips and an EP with new songs

Photo: Soul Cream / Disclosure.

As a milestone in an intense release calendar, the band soul cream has just released the single “Eraserhead”, a track that gives a glimpse of the first original EP by the trio from Palhoça (SC). With intense sound, growing melody and touches of discomfort, the song is available on the main digital platforms. The launch took place this Monday (18). The song also received a music video — set to premiere on September 25th. 

"Eraserhead" aims to immerse listeners in a world of groovy sounds, while exploring the feeling of discomfort. The new work can be seen at the link:

In addition to the intense sound, the track has touches of inspiration from David Lynch's film of the same name, known for its disturbing and intriguing atmosphere. And this is the tone that the song presents to listeners. 

"The song has as its theme a specific type of discomfort, the one that affects us after some shock of reality. When things suddenly appear different from what we believed to be, we go through a process of trying to reconfigure our impressions of the world to suit find and consider erasing everything he knew. Hence the idea of ​​the 'eraser head' — free translation of the title", describe the members of Soul Cream.

Under this guise, "Eraserhead" also serves as an important step towards the series of new releases that the trio has prepared for the coming months. This is because the song is none other than the second track on the EP.”Samsara fleet”, which is scheduled for release on October 02nd. 

The choice of the song as a single was not by chance. The band itself explains: "Eraserhead was our first group composition. Furthermore, the EP is not exactly a rock opera, but it works as a single narrative line. The sequence of songs addresses a specific development that begins with the Eraserhead theme... so it makes sense that the introduction to the Soul universe be made by her”.

soul cream

Soul Cream was formed from meetings of friends in Octopus Soundbox, in Palhoça (SC). With a strong 2021s influence, the group presents a full-bodied sound that mixes elements of R'n'B, rock, funk, blues and soul. In this style, the group released the EP “SOS The Same Old Stuff”, in XNUMX, still as a quartet. 

Recently, the band became a trio with Dierre Pichorz on vocals and guitars, Jorge Kloppel Junior on the bottom and Oliver Sylvester on the battery. In this new phase, the group became even more prolific. This year, Palhocenses performed at important events such as the 4th Song Festival, in Rio do Sul (SC) and the Florianopolis Cultural Marathon. Furthermore, the band launched the video series “Chá da Tarde Sessions”, with versions of famous songs. 

The trio is also part of the collective “A Bolha”, which mobilizes artists from Palhoça and the region. In this movement, Soul Cream performed a live session with original songs.

In addition to the release of "Eraserhead", the band is planning a series of news for the final stretch of this year, including music videos and the EP “Samsara”. News about the band can be found on the @soulcreamoficial profile on Instagram.


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