Oktober live: first virtual edition of Oktoberfest Blumenau

The adapted version of the very traditional Oktoberfest of Blumenau, will be from October 08th to 25th, with live broadcasts and delivery services

The first oktober live, an adapted version of the very traditional Oktoberfest of Blumenau, will be from October 08th to 25th, in the system that can be called a "hybrid party". This dynamic is given by the structure to lives of bands, among other cultural attractions, prepared for the public to celebrate from home. The presentations will be broadcast directly from one of the pavilions where the festivities are usually held. 

To celebrate the typical german cuisine, as well as different types of beers and beers, participating establishments will be offering the delivery service (delivered) for the region.

They are confirmed to perform, directly from Vila Germanica, at least 15 bands. Among them are: Blumenau Band, Cavalinho Band, Vox3, Barrel Band, Champagne Band, Lino's Band, Herr Schmitt, Os Montanari, Society Band, Marmor Stein Band, Cruzeiro Band, Madame Frau Band, Malibu Band, StadKapelle and Moacir Musikanten. And, according to the press, there will still be another group, which is under negotiation - and will be used as a surprise at the opening.

The program will feature four bands per night of the party performing at the Eisenbah Biergarten pavilion, always from 18pm to 23pm.

In addition, the public will be able to effectively participate in the party broadcast live, through a screen installed at the live

Anyone at home can follow the event through Instagram. @oktoberlive.

The initiative began to be thought of shortly after the Drive Thru Solidarity Action, which was held last June, at Parque Vila Germanica.

The project is carried out by Tom Natural Produções, in partnership with Associação Pequeno Músico de Blumenau and Canaparro Produções.

It is worth remembering that the conventional Oktoberfest had its cancellation announced, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on July 27th. The in-person event is celebrated as the largest Germanic festivity in the Americas.

traditional festivity

The Oktoberfest in Blumenau is famous for moving the city, celebrating traditional German culture, as the place is a large colony of Germanic origin. 

The event, which for more than 35 years has attracted tourists and locals alike, is world famous for its grandeur: long parades usually enliven the revelers, who celebrate to the sound of live music and a lot of beer and typical cuisine.

Other activities that are usually carried out at Oktober in person are: the Beer Contest in Metro and the engaging “Dança da Marreca”.
But what will be guaranteed for the event? online, without a doubt, will be the gastronomy. Among the most popular typical dishes are: Kassler (pork chop, accompanied by white and red sausage, puree and sauerkraut), ice beans (pork knee with puree, sauerkraut and white and red sausages) and Roast Mallard (dolphin served with stuffing, rice, red cabbage and mashed potatoes and apples). And, according to those who appreciate the delicacies, all this goes very well with cold draft beer.

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