Cultural-educational action involving literature is a milestone at the end of 2019 at the Florianópolis Penitentiary

Held in classrooms, corridors of security wing yards and hall da Florianopolis Penitentiary, the Counting Christmas Encounters of Christmas Tales and Poems 2019, with the Quintet Group of Sesc Florianópolis Prainha and Santa Catarina Association of Poets and Short Story Writers, has the theme of bringing words of hope and faith to the inmates/reeducated of the Unit, employees and teachers of Ceja, moving everyone in the Unit.

The cultural-educational action, which took place on December 13, was conceived and carried out by the producer and public servant, Penitentiary Agent Vinicius Rosa Brixi, with the support of Gesau - Health and Social Education Management of the Penitentiary of Florianópolis and Sesc Florianópolis Prainha.

They are part of the quintet of Sesc Florianópolis Prainha and the Santa Catarina Association of Short Story Writers and Poets Hans Christian Wiedemann, João Batista da Silveira, Lêda Mônica Fialho de Oliveira, Verônica Rocha dos Santos e Nikolly Domingos Ambrosio.

"The event made us reflect and realize that we are more human and give thanks for the life we ​​have, for our freedom. And for those who have lived there for years, may they have the necessary peace, accept and believe that we are beings that can make mistakes, but that we can transform our interior. We observed that for some there was hope, it was seen in the eyes, in the expression of the face". - tell to Lêda Mônica, member of the Quinteto Contadores de contos epoes de Natal of the Santa Catarina Association of Short Story Writers and Poets / Sesc Florianópolis Prainha.

"In the teachers' room, it was noticed that the students, most of them young, were happy, they asked for more poetry and that we came back more often to visit them, taking more poems to read. What surprised and moved us is that they started to sing song 'It is necessary to know how to live' accompanying our musical sound and rhythm. The teachers received us very well and we realized that they were happy with our visit. There was a lot of respect and affection between those involved in this rewarding and exciting work that enriched us, made us reflect on what it is like to live in prison, made us more human and we will certainly not be the same anymore" - concludes Leda.

Publication: William Schutz.
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Source: Vinicius Rosa Brixi - Creator/Organizer Penitentiary Agent.
Support for carrying out the cultural/educational action: Gesau Education Management at the Florianópolis Penitentiary, and Sesc Florianópolis Prainha/Library.


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