Pagoda of the Hour

The first Pagode da Hora in Floripa brought to the stage the bands Bom Gosto and Sorriso Maroto, who livened up the night at Devassa On Stage. On a typical autumn night, with a full moon and a mood of love in the air, this is how the night of this past Saturday (14) was summed up, where Pagode da Hora at Devassa On Stage took place for the first time in Floripa. The event, which has already been shaking up the Rio-São Paulo axis, arrived in Floripa, and filled the house, leaving no one standing still. To start the night and stir up the audience that was already present, the local bands took the stage: Em Cima da Hora, Sorriso Junior and Samba Aí, who played some of their own songs, as well as those known nationally. At around 0:30 am, when everyone was euphoric and at the height of animation, the first big attraction of the night came to the stage: Bom Gosto, a group that began in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, and today has conquered the country with several hits that are already in people's mouths. During their presentation, which lasted approximately 1h30, the group sang the hits from the new DVD "Subúrbio Bom" and stirred everyone from start to finish, who sang along with the band. Among the main songs, I highlight: “Mó Love”, a song that is currently among the top of the group's hits, “Parakundê”, “Curtindo a vida” and “Patricinha do Olho Azul”. The group left the stage just after 2 am.

Good Taste Group

Continuing the night, the house dj packed everyone with the main hits from the funk universe, making everyone enjoy and dance a lot, while waiting for the second and last attraction of the night. When it was almost 3 am, behold, the second one appeared on stage and the one I most expected attraction: the band from the North of Rio de Janeiro, Sorriso Maroto. The band presented the show of their tour “Sorriso eu Gosto”, premiered in May of this year. Even though it was already late at night, it did not disappoint and cheered up (a lot!) all the hundreds of people who filled the house.

Naughty Smile

Unfortunately, not everything was as perfect as it was supposed to be. There were two moments, right at the beginning of the presentation, that made the band stop playing their repertoire to draw the attention of those involved. Two big wheels opened, where little groups of people started to fight. Fortunately, the house's security team acted very quickly and put those involved out of the place in less than 5 minutes of the event, making the show continue normally with all the joy and enthusiasm of the band. Thus, the show continued in the same vein and everyone quickly got excited again. Among the songs played, there were the classics, “So you kill Dad” and “Quem está unbachelor is never alone”, in addition to the newer ones, “Guerra fria” and “Mais Fácil”, where the audience cheered and sang in chorus with the band from start to finish. At the height of the show, when it was past 4 am, to liven up the night even more, the band sang several hits that were successful at this year's carnival, such as “lepo lepo”, making everyone dance and enjoy a lot. At around 5 am the band finished their show, even with requests for an encore, which due to the time stipulated in the schedule was not possible. Thus ended the first Pagode da Hora in the city, which certainly left a taste of “I want more” in all the pagodeiros on duty present. Marina Rosa Bittencourt Photos: David Collaço


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