Are you going to travel to Canela? See the tips that Tour Fácil has for your tours

Serra Gaúcha is one of the most beautiful and entertaining places in the country. And those who are packing their bags can count on the incredible tips from Easy Tour to increase the schedule during the stay in Canela, in the Rio Grande do Sul. Follow the main tips for tours and events in the region.

Caracol Waterfall
Caracol Waterfall

Discover the main tours in Canela that will make your trip unforgettable

How about enjoying every second in Canela discovering unique tours and full of entertainment? These options, below, will shape your stay in Serra Gaúcha and guarantee many stories.

Meet Skyglass

An incredible and must-see attraction for tourists is the Skyglass. Start the trip by visiting the glass platform, which is 35m wide in the Ferradura Valley. It's the best way to view the surrounding landscapes, but it takes a bit of courage. If you are afraid of heights, you must remember that the viewpoint is suspended 360m from the ground.

Therefore, you can also enjoy the toy with the peculiar name, “Abused”. In it, the individual remains seated in a chair that is suspended in the air, attached to the monorail, under the glass platform. In this way, it is also possible to identify the Iron Pass Memorial.

Caracol Park

This park, along with the Ferradura Valley, are nearby on the same path. The Caracol Park is located 6 km from the central region of Canela, and has many visits in the region. The entire road is paved up to it.

During the route, when arriving at the park, you can identify the viewpoint that allows the visualization of the Caracol waterfall, which is beautiful and is 131 m high. 

The water ends up falling into the valley and reaches, strongly, a fall that even generates a mist at the bottom of the waterfall. You can take an elevator up to the panoramic viewpoint, and find a 360° view of the entire area. It allows us to visualize, in addition to the waterfall, the entire waterfall. 

In relation to the Caracol Park, it is also possible to make several trails, of different sizes. All of them receive signage well visualized by tourists, and even paths with stones so you don't always step on the grass. We can mention, among them, the Arroio trail, rapids, lakes and an explosion of nature.

aerial cable cars

It's basically what was mentioned before, but via a cable car. They are more than 1km from the entrance to Parque do Caracol. The cable cars bring the possibility for the tourist to observe the entire area of ​​the park and the surroundings of Canela. The focus, in fact, is the Cascata do Caracol.

alpen park

This is one of the possibilities for those who like to adventure. Alpen Park offers a series of activities that will complement your day in Canela, ensuring plenty of entertainment. If you are traveling through the region and the weather favored your stay in the city, the ideal is to participate in the themes of the park.

There you can find the zipline, the quad, the 4D cinema, the Alpen Turbo Drop, which is a Kabun-type toy and others. All these activities make Alpen park an amazing attraction loved by the whole family. If you want to reach it, you need to access Rodovia Arnaldo Opptiz, n 901, in the city of Canela. The park operates every day from 9 am to 18 pm. Prices vary depending on the tourist attractions you visit.

stone cathedral

During the trip, you can include in the schedule a visit to the Stone Cathedral. In this case, to view the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes in an even more beautiful way, which is affectionately called Catedral de Pedra, you can visit it at night, which is when it gains unique lighting, full of colors.


One of the great tourist attractions in Canela is the Jolimont winery. The tour of the area takes an average of 40 to 50 minutes. It is very important to identify the best time to visit the vines, so that they are full. In fact, visiting them in the summer is ideal.

Second report of this site, is one of the main ones of Serra Gaúcha. 

ice bar

The Ice Bar Mundo Gelado is one of Canela's delights that you can't miss. The opportunity is unique! You will discover an entire universe made of ice, from counters and chairs to the very glass in which you can order drinks. 

All tourists wear a special coat, provided by the bar itself, so that the visitor can deal with the low temperature that can reach -25°C. There is a menu with different drinks and two non-alcoholic options. Therefore, two drinks are already included in the ticket at the box office. 

Florybal Magic Land Park

The Canela region also has the Terra Mágica Florybal Park, which is one of the must-see attractions. When making the decision about what to do in Canela, especially with your children, this is indeed the most enjoyable attraction. 

In the park, it will be possible to find stone men, dinosaurs, a 7D cinema, a mini cocoa farm, toys, zip lines and many other amazing activities, guaranteeing a lot of fun for the schedule.

There is a specific shuttle to get to the park, but you must contact the property to check availability. Return to the hotel is available every hour, starting at 12:XNUMX, and leaves directly from the on-site parking.

Travel to Canela and come back with bags full of incredible experiences!

When we travel, especially to a region far from our city, we are often confronted with new cultures and ways of life. Culture shock can be very important depending on the destination and our own habits. These changes and new discoveries enrich us and continue to teach us.

The culture of Canela and the region can be discovered in different ways, according to the preferences of each one: gastronomy, art, public places, clothing habits, local guides, hotel accommodation, etc. And with the Easy Tour, it is even simpler to find all these possibilities of experiences! Enjoy and secure your tickets!
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