Hip Hop rocks the night of Floripa

The Urban Music Festival brought renowned rappers like Projota and Ja Rule, who rocked the night of Devassa On Stage, last Saturday (12). With the company of good old friends, the pleasant and peaceful night in Floripa promised. We arrived at the Urban Music Festival (FMU) close to midnight. And right away, when I entered the dance floor of the devassa On Stage, I observed the event with a good feeling: everyone was there to enjoy, expose happiness and enjoy a good night of hip hop. It was also noticeable that there were different audiences, of different ages and who were waiting for different shows. There were not only fans of the American singer Ja Rule, but many who were also waiting for the show of the rapper from São Paulo Projota. And when Projota, late, took the stage at Devassa On Stage, I noticed that the rapper from São Paulo really has a lot of morals in Santa Catarina. The audience sang from beginning to end his hits, such as "Rezadeira", "Acabou", "Chuva de Novembro", "Até o fim" and "Mulher". And the singer reciprocated. He interacted with the audience throughout the show and sent messages of gratitude whenever his songs were sung, which echoed through the Devassa space. Honestly, it seemed like many were there to watch this show. It is not for nothing that the rapper is considered one of the greatest icons of the new generation of national rap. And with all this prestige, Projota constantly thanked the affection of the fans, saying repeatedly "Thank you Floripa". Soon after, the rapper left the stage, at least with a feeling of satisfaction for the show performed, but also for the retribution and reciprocal feeling that happened between the rapper and the public of Floripa, who shouted his name, as if to say "Very thanks".

Urban Music Festival - Projota

Afterwards, rapper Rzilla took the stage and put on a convincing show. Many didn't know his rap, including me. Therefore, the singer took the stage to prove that his sound is of quality. And it was with good rhymes and plenty of daring that the rapper showed the value of his rap. At the same time, you could see that he gave of himself with his voice and soul, and it was by singing his expressive songs that Rzilla managed to stir up the audience in Floripa. Guys, who interacted with their arms in the air, following the rhythms of the rapper's rhymes. Here's a tip for those who haven't heard his sounds yet. Even because Rzilla is considered the revelation of Santa Catarina rap in 2013. To close the night, the most awaited show by me and my friends. Ja Rule took the stage around 3:30 in the morning and started right away with one of his great hits "Mesmerize", leading the audience to euphoria. Close to us, the rapper sang and walked from side to side, sat on the edge of the stage and called the audience saying "Come on Floripa!", which he responded with many shouts and hands in the air. In the setlist, Ja Rule sang all his hit songs. Such as "I'm Real", Always On Time", "Wonderful", "Put it On Me, "Between Me and You", "New York" and "Clap back", which stirred the FMU audience, celebrating this special occasion. The show was short-lived, or simply went by too fast.

Urban Music Festival - Ja Rule

In the end, the rapper, already without a shirt, barely said goodbye to the audience and left something to be desired due to the lack of interaction with the crowd, who waited all night for his presentation. In addition, the live show was good to see and the night was worth its entire composition. I had the pleasure of listening to good rhymes, and being surrounded by people and friends who were there just wanting to enjoy the night, enjoy a lot of hip hop and have fun. At dawn I returned home with the feeling that everything went by fast and with my head full of expressions and rhymes, I thought: the night was worth it. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is always good to value international music, but don't forget about Brazilian culture and music, which is also bold and high quality.   Victor Shimomura vitorshimomura@gmail.com Photos: Victor Shimomura


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