Hot or cold, Floripa is the right destination for your vacation  


Photograph: "Avenida Beira Mar (Florianópolis)", per Rodrigo_Soldon (CC BY 2.0)

Whenever someone talks about the island of magic, the reaction is unanimous: paradise! Anyone who knows Floripa falls in love instantly. Whether for its breathtaking beaches, for the joy of the island's little manezinhos, for the charm of the Hercílio Luz bridge or even for the stunning view of Lagoa da Conceição, the city is incredible and there is no shortage of reasons to love this little piece of heaven on earth.

The well-known capital of the State of Santa Catarina has international fame. Although it is a popular destination in warmer seasons, there is not a time of year when visitors are not wandering through the charming streets that make up the landscape. The Ministry of Tourism indicated that Floripa was consecrated, in 2018, as the second most wanted destination for leisure by tourists, whether national or foreign. Second only to Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis reached the level of 17,1% of demand as a holiday destination. In addition, the capital of Santa Catarina was featured in the 17th O Melhor de Viagem e Turismo 2018/2019 Award, the biggest award in the niche in Brazil, in the categories of best city and best coastal destination.

For those who are going to enjoy a beach, there is no shortage of options: there are about a hundred beaches spread across the island. The most popular and with the best infrastructure are the well-known Jurerê Internacional, Canasvieiras, Ingleses and Praia Brava, the latter where tennis player Gustavo Kuerten used to surf. Speaking of surfing, the island is also famous among athletes and wave enthusiasts. In the east of the island you can find incredible waves at Joaquina, Campeche, Mole, Barra da Lagoa and Mozambique beaches. For those looking for more peace and a more virgin landscape, Naufragados, Solidão and Lagoinha do Leste are difficult to access, but they are wonderful beaches.

For those looking for the typical chill of southern Brazil, Floripa may surprise you. Even with the considerable drop in tourists, the city attracts some visitors looking to save money, as prices drop in the low season, which can be a great advantage for those looking to enjoy a more affordable local cuisine. The Public Market, a typical market in the city, is excellent for find good options. In winter, the city can reach up to five degrees and, with the south wind, coming from the snowy regions, it can demand some extra layers of clothing.


Photograph: "Conceição Lagoon", per deltafruit (CC BY 2.0)

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Florianópolis is an unmissable destination for anyone who wants to discover Brazil. The city pulsates with culture and enchants in every corner, but if there is time available to explore other cities in Santa Catarina, the chance of being disappointed is the best on the market: almost nil. Whether looking for impeccable beaches, unforgettable nightlife or even a nice chill and colonial cafes, the island of magic is an excellent bet.


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