FAM Festival 2020 discloses selected ones for the Mostra Longas Fiction Mercosul

A 24ª edition of Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur Film Festival received 832 entries for six of the Festival's eight Competitive Exhibits and begins to publicize the list of selected films with the productions of the Mostra Longas Ficção Mercosul.

The Mostra received 69 entries, including productions and co-productions from different countries. There are six selected films, but one of them will only be released after August 18th. Check out the selected films:

Shows Long Fiction Mercosur

"Death Dwells in the Night", directed by Eduardo Morotó "| Brazil (PE/SP) | Drama | 94 min (national debut);
"La Pesca del Atún Blanco", directed by Maritza Blanco Ruano | Colombia | Drama | 75 min (world premiere);
"loop", directed by Bruno Bini | Brazil (MT) | Science Fiction | 98 min
"Magalí", directed by Di Bitonto Juan Pablo | Argentina | Drama | 81 min
"Pureza", directed by Renato Barbieri | Brazil (DF/PA) | Drama | 102 min

However, for the first time since the initial edition, in 1997, the FAM has the collective support to make it happen. For the realization of FAM 2020, the campaign #SomosTodosFAMdeCinema was created on the crowdfunding website www.benfeitoria.com/famdetodos. The initiative is in the final weeks.

"These were the films chosen by the curatorship of the FAM, it's up to you if they will be shown. We have a few days of campaign to confirm the festival! It is certainly important for the film to be selected, but it will be even more important that it is screened by the force of public, which will also actively participate in the awarding with the popular vote", recalls Marilha Naccari, Director of Programming at FAM.

Congratulations to the selected films! But now it's time to convene your teams, family, friends and publicize the campaign on social media so that FAM 2020 actually happens.

The 24th Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul is produced with the Cultural Incentive Law, Celesc support with the realization of the Panvision Cultural Association, Muringa Audiovisual Productions, Special Secretariat for Culture, Ministry of Citizenship, Pátria Amada Brasil, Federal Government.

Publication: William Schütz
Contact by email: redacao.willianschutz@gmail.com
Source: FAM press office.
Image: Disclosure.


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