2nd Prize for Music from Santa Catarina

On Wednesday night (17th), the Teatro do CIC received musicians from all over Santa Catarina in the award that consecrated the best in 2014. The Prêmio da Música Catarinense, an event conceived by Portal Música SC and produced by Pimenta do Reino Productions, featured 7 categories - Best Band, Album, Singer, Singer, Instrumentalist, Video Clip and New Artist - in addition to great musical performances.



Before the big award ceremony began, the backstage brought together musicians, journalists, fans and enthusiasts to chat and celebrate the year of so many successes for music from Santa Catarina. Between a pie and a soft drink, I was able to chat with three competitors that night: Ronchi and Marc, vocalist and guitarist of the band O Mundo Analógico (which was competing for the best band award) and Dijjy, vocalist of the band Ponto Nulo no Céu (PNNC - which disputed the award for best band and best music video).

I asked Ronchi and Marc what the best band award meant for the group, what the band expected from it. The guitarist replied that he expected recognition not only from the band, but also from the composers from Santa Catarina, who are in the fight for music, being an honor, a great pleasure to participate in an award with such scope. For the vocalist, seeing the band's friends, who also competed, like PNNC and Vermelio, and realizing that they are part of a much bigger thing, far beyond what one can think and imagine, is already a great satisfaction.

And when I asked about the future, Marc told me that, whether they come out victorious or not, the happiness of participating in something like what will happen tonight, is already a great happiness. Other than that, he adds, they are about to record a new CD, shoot new clips, in addition to releasing a new song this summer and, among many other things, keep moving forward. When I ask about the reception of the CD, Nosso Mundo, Ronchi tells me that the band would never have imagined reaching, making their music reach such a large and distinguished audience, and with this new work, they seek to increase this reach, more and more.

When I started to interview Dijjy, the singer and instrumentalist, who was also one of the judges for the night, Luiz Meira congratulated him for his work, saying that Ponto Nulo no Céu was the best band (from there) he had heard.

I start by asking how he saw this emergence that the band is having, after the reformulation that it has gone through, of which only the vocalist remained, of already competing for best band and best music video. Dijjy tells me that all of this is an opportunity to show the group's work, being a good exposure of this new phase, and that not only for them, but for the other bands as well, who are mostly independent artists and who don't have no support, needing to do everything alone, and that only strengthens Santa Catarina's music and art itself.

And the band expected with this new lineup to already have so much prestige? He tells me that not really, that PNNC just signed up and it was a surprise when they found out they were running, especially because the sound the band makes - a heavier rock than the conventional - is an unusual sound for most of them. from the public, but who are still happy to compete, to be in the middle of the awards, from people they already know, it's already too good.

At the awards...

The event began with a performance by the band Brass Groove Brasil. Composed by Jean Carlo, on trumpet, Carlos Schmidt, on trombone, Braion Johnny, on baritone sax, Fábio Melo, on tenor sax, Marco Aurélio, on trombone, Cristiano Ferreira, on guitar, Rafael Calegari, on double bass and Cristiano Forte, on drums, the octet opened the night with an impeccable performance, with two instrumental themes, Série A and Partiu Partindo, which made the audience shake their heads and tap their feet following the contagious rhythm.

Then, the master of ceremonies, presenter of the program Olhares, on TVBV, Maria Paula Canziani, opened the work with the participation of her colleague Tainá Smaczilo, who walked around the auditorium talking to the audience and the artists, announcing the contestants for the best clip: Paradoxie Vie, Skrotes and Ponto Nulo no Céu, from Florianópolis and Marcelo Gomes and Pedro Araújó, from Criciúma. And the first winner of the night was Ponto Nulo no Céu, with the music video for the song Fluxo Natural. The clip has a modern edition and a nice thing: because it is a heavy rock where many people have difficulties to understand the lyrics, they were shown during its interpretation, being a very curious feature.

Following, Luciano Bilu, accompanied by a training that had Rafael Bastos as drummer, a figure known in the city for his music school, and 3 other high-profile musicians, performed a show that featured an instrumental song and another sung, both in the Rock 'n Roll footprint. Bilu is a recognized guitarist from Florianópolis, having played in several band formations and with artists from all over the state.

After closing the curtains, Maria Paula returned to the stage to present the awards for Best Singer and Female Singer. For me, it was a surprise to have Rubens Daniel and Marília Dutra as winners. The singer from Araranguá, in the south of the state, is not well known in Florianópolis, however, in 2008 he participated in the program Ídolos, on Rede Record, being among the fifteen finalists, and in the second edition of The Voice Brasil, on Rede Globo. , his big opportunity, where he was among the four finalists, thus receiving recognition at the national level. Rubens competed with four singers from the capital: Gazu, from the band Dazaranha, François Muleka, Leo Vieira and Jimi Santos.

Criciumense Marília Dutra, represented by her brother Adriano Dutra, was another surprise, as she competed with strong names such as Ariele Locatelli, Diana Dias, Ana Paula Ambrosi and Carla Ramos, all from the capital. The singer, who recently released the CD Entre o amor ea música, which has 16 tracks, 10 of which are authorial, focuses her work on pop-rock and country music, performing reinterpretations of Christyan & Ralf and the American singer Kelly Clarkson.

The singer Luiz Meira, who was already on stage to deliver the awards, continued there, being the next attraction of the night. In an entirely instrumental presentation, in the company of guitarist Eduardo Stormowski, Luiz based himself on a guitar solo that favored MPB and Brazilian rhythms, and which was accompanied by the audience's applause, making the presentation even more relaxed. I, who had never heard his work, really liked the artist's disposition, who has played with renowned names in national music, such as Elza Soares, Sandra de Sá, Gal Costa, Sá e Guarabyra, Beto Guedes, among others.

After Meira's performance, the nominees for Best Album were presented. Jimi Santos, Five 5 Boys and Tatiana Cobbett and Marcoliva, from Florianópolis, Bruno Moritz, from Brusque, and John Mueller, from Blumenau, were in the running. And, to my surprise, the best album from Santa Catarina was an instrumental album (!). Bruno Moritz (in the photo below) and his accordion had the honor of being the winners. The artist, who competed with the album Tempero Brasileiro, thanked the award, not hiding his surprise and shock at having won, mainly for being an instrumentalist, without risking his vocals.


Maria Paula announced that the next attraction was a long road band, which was returning to the stage and that in the first edition of the award, it was awarded the best band. Primavera nos Dentes, in a bluez vibe, with harmonica and everything that is entitled, presented the song O Vagabundo, one of its greatest hits, making the present sing along, clapping once again to accompany the song. A show to remember the old days.

Continuing, it was the turn of the Best Instrumentalist from Santa Catarina to be elected. Could he be Chico Martins, from the band Dazaranha? Would it be Bruno Mortiz's double? Would it be Ricardo Brandão, from Grupo Orfeu? Would it be Marcelo Rosa? Or would it be Felipe Coelho? And the privilege belonged to guitarist Felipe Coelho (pictured below, with Bruno Moritz), which in 2014 did and put on a show, including having the support of Floripa guide in his show that paid tribute to the master of the flamenco guitar, Paco de Lucia. A well-deserved award for the young man who showed great talent this year.


The performing guitarist André de Carvalho, winner of the aforementioned category in the previous year, was the next to take the stage at Teatro Ademir Rosa, in a presentation focused on Heavy Metal. A good performance, with weight and fluency in all instruments, since André was accompanied by bass and drums. Sponsored by several national and international instrument and equipment brands, André, despite his young age, is already considered by many as a great musician.

There were still two categories to be awarded, and one of them was Breakthrough Artist, who would receive the biggest award of the night. The award, which was sponsored by two renowned instrument and equipment brands in the country, would give the new artist a guitar and a guitar cube; a bass and a bass cube; a battery; and a microphone kit, equipment valued at between R$10 and R$15 thousand. Vermelio, from Criciúma, the singer Ruca and band, in addition to the Percussion Group from Itajaí, both from the port city, and Circo Quebra Copos and Caraudácia, from Florianópolis, competed. And once again the prize went to the south of Santa Catarina.

The Vermelio (in the photo below), formed by the trio André Bresiani, on guitar and voice, Henrique Corrêa, on double bass, and Leandro Silveira, on drums, was yet another surprise, as they are also little known to the island public, but not unworthy of that. My feeling is that all these winning artists, with all the merits and who do not live in the cultural axis of the island, become more and more known here, covering, opening and taking even more music from Santa Catarina to all corners and points of the state. . Congratulations to the boys!


Before the grand prize, another trio. Composed by the world-renowned Edu Ardanuy, on guitar, Celso Pixinga, on bass and Maurício Leite, on drums, Trio Tagima e Nagano gave a show of virtuosity. And that perhaps, due to the excess of virtuosity, the show was a bit long and boring. The musicians, considered among the best in Brazil in their instruments, lavished skill, but could have been a little more restrained. But nothing that harmed the quality of the show, as they were also responsible for the excellent technical level of the night.

To deliver the award for best band, the creator of the award, Márcio Pimenta, was called to the stage, who thanked those present, the bands and everyone involved for the wonderful party and for the night they were having so far, being applauded by the public after his pronouncement. . It is worth remembering that the audience did well, applauding and doing their part as fans in all the awards and for all the competitors.

O Mundo Analógico, Strokes, Ponto Nulo no Céu, Gera Fornasa & Bandalheira and Casa de Orates were chosen by the jury as the bands in contention for the title of Best Band in the state in 2014. After a moment of suspense, the result: the PNNC (Felipe and Dijjy, pictured below), with its strong and heavy sound, was awarded the prize for Best Band at the Prêmio da Música Catarinense 2014. In my opinion, the band comes out not only as a big winner, being the only one with two awards, but also showing how their music -conventional, a fact that its vocalist had already commented, came and aroused the attention of the public and the judges. What stands out was that the band and the rhythm they play are not highlighted in the major media, not even having a large number of fans, but it showed that their legion of fans is large and managed to fulfill their task well. Congratulations to the boys and much success in this new journey!


Last but not least, Gazu, Chico, Adauto, Gerry, Fernando, JC and a guitarist that unfortunately I couldn't recognize who he was, covering Moriel's absence, closed the award with a flourish. Dazaranha took the stage and performed five songs: Salão de Festa a Vapor, O Mané, Céu Azul, Rastaman (these two from their latest album, Daza) and the anthem, Vagabundo Confesso. In the latter, Luiz Meira returned to the stage to accompany the band, showing that improvisation is his forte. In another beautiful moment of the show, Gazu graced Márcio Pimenta with a trophy from the party: a radio based on the old models, super cool, developed by a renowned design and decoration store.

Before finishing, a comment. I think that, in the next editions, the Award could have more categories or even more coverage, both in terms of artists and publicity. I missed artists from other genres that also have strength in the state, such as Rap, Electronic, Reggae and Forró. Not that musical genres were underrepresented, since there was everything from Samba to Metalcore, but the universality of the award could be greater. Perhaps this also did not happen due to the ignorance or lack of interest of state groups in the award, since they were the ones responsible for registering, not being in charge of any organ or the jury.

Anyway, it was a great party, with great audience, great shows and great awards, undoubtedly. A huge thanks to the organizers for permission to follow the event, culminating in this report, not forgetting the bands and their members for the interviews and comments. I hope that next year the party will be repeated.

Gabriel Faraco

Photos by Maurélio Cesar Pereira and Publicity/Facebook


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