Having fun in Florianópolis is easier than you think

Your guide to Florianópolis nightlife

Whether you're a clubbing fan in your town or hometown, the rules change when you're on vacation. You're almost obligated to check out your host country's diversions, and we're happy to say that Florianópolis has some really excellent choices in this department!

black swan pub

You'll see Brazilian and British flags flying outside the Black Swan Pub located in Lagoa da Conceição, a nod to the fact that the owner has roots in both countries. This bar has a little bit of everything and you can participate in game nights and listen to jazz and rock bands. Not only are you guaranteed a good time at this cozy little spot, it's also one of the few places in all of Brazil that has Guinness on tap!

Cafe de la Musique

A staple of Florianópolis nightlife, Café de la Musique has been planning and hosting epic parties for many years. Taking inspiration from the European resorts of Monte Carlo, Capri and Cannes, this is a hotspot for jet setters. The biggest events take place during the New Year and Carnivall, so buy tickets well in advance if you're going to be there during this time. Expect good music and a sophisticated crowd when you get there.

john bull pub

Located on Avenida das Rendeira, in Lagoa da Conceição, the John Bull Pub is easy to find, thanks to the giant guitar that extends beyond the height of the building, in front of the pub. Very affordable values. Use the winnings you've earned in your matches with the online casino Brazil to watch music concerts of various genres, including national rock, country, reggae and rock 'n' roll. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by wearing your most comfortable jeans and your favorite band shirt. Beach shorts and flip-flops are not allowed.

john bull pub


Milk is a well-known nightclub in the northern portion of Florianópolis and welcomes many VIPs, models and celebrities during the summer months. The home's interior design is one of the greatest luxuries, with famous faces resplendent against a bold black and white background. music concerts are held throughout the year, and major events are held at Carnival.



P12 is a popular beach club that is highly recommended for going out in the afternoon and early evening during the summer, as the pools are open all afternoon and guests can relax in them until the evening shows start. The P12 has hosted big names including David Guetta and Jason Mraz, and is a wonderful option for an elegant night out in Florianópolis.

P12 - International Jurerê

The Roof

The Roof nightclub is located on top of the Majestic Palace Hotel, right in the center of the city and offers fantastic views of the bay. It has been open since 2013 and has become a real hotspot when it comes to Florianópolis nightlife, with its luxury decor inspired by the rooftop spaces of some of the most exclusive international hotels in the world. It's a place to see and be seen, with incredible lighting, great sound, sophisticated entertainment and delicious items to drink available all night.


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