After a seven-year hiatus, the band Ira! it returned. Nasi, vocalist, and Edgard Scandurra, guitarist, put aside the discussions and announced the Núcleo Base tour - the song that makes up the band's first album. More than 200 shows are scheduled in two years, passing through several cities around Brazil, including Florianópolis. The sad note was on account of Ricardo Gaspa and André Jung, respectively bassist and drummer of the band between 1985 and 2007, who did not return for this new tour. In place of the duo, Daniel Scandurra came on bass and Evaristo Pádua on drums. wrath-1 The presentation took place at Espaço Floripa, the Fields annex. I had never visited the house, and I liked the place. I arrived just before 21pm, the time scheduled for the start of the show. I got a good spot on the track, without having to push anyone, and I stayed close to the sector grid. It is worth remembering that the event had a VIP floor, that is, it was inevitable to stay away from the stage. The show started with Far from Everything, the first song released by the band in their career. Then came other successes. Some old ones like Days of Struggle, Flowers on You and Screams in the Crowd. More recent ones, such as Flerte Fatal and Tarde Vazia, were released on the award-winning Acústico MTV Ira! 2004. Among the hits, they announced a new song: ABCD. The name sounds as strange as the song's lyrics, generic and bad for a band that has great songwriting. According to interviews with Nasi and Scandurra, new songs are to come on an album of unreleased songs. And I sincerely hope they are much better than this one. wrath-2 Later came the highlight of the night: I Always Want More. The re-recording with Pitty's participation for Acústico MTV made the song very popular, perhaps the band's best known. So much so that this was the moment of greatest excitement for the audience, who jumped and sang to the joy of the band, apparently tired. Nasi, for example, was still very excited, but his voice no longer followed. Also could: this was the eighth concert of the group in thirteen days. Envelheço na Cidade ended the show, after an hour and twenty of presentation. To the sound of “one more”, the group returned to the stage a few minutes later to play six more songs. Among them To Stay With Me, O Girassol and Foxy Lady (cover by Jimi Hendrix). To end the night, On the Streets. At the end of the performance, the band thanked the audience for their presence and said that they hope to return soon. We also look forward to it. Gabriel Lima gabrielduwe@gmail.com Photos: Vinícius Bressan


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