Film about overcoming obstacles through dance has an exclusive premiere at Paradigma Cine Arte

The 'Festival Filmelier no Cinema' is also being shown, with sessions in two times

With an engaging plot, which addresses sorority and overcoming traumas through dance, the film 'Dançando no Silêncio', directed by French-Algerian Mounia Meddour (“Papicha”), has an exclusive premiere at Paradigma Cine Arte this week . The schedule is available between May 4th and 10th, in sessions from 16:15 pm to 20:40 pm.

The protagonist, Houria (Lyna Khoudri), is a young Algerian woman who dreams of becoming a ballerina. When she wakes up in the hospital after suffering a trauma, she believes her passion for ballet must be forgotten. But, alongside other women, the sisterhood between them will make her discover how to deal with her losses and pursue her passion for dance.

A curiosity of the film is that the choreographies are signed by Hajiba Fahmy, who was already part of the team of dancers of the artist Beyoncé's shows. She worked closely with a sign language consultant, Antoine Valette, and songwriters Yasmine Meddour and Maxence Dussere.

The 'Festival Filmelier no Cinema', with more than 20 films showing, continues to be shown, with sessions at 14 pm and 18:40 pm.

The full schedule and movie times can be seen at @paradigmacinearte or


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