Tips to enjoy downtown Floripa safely

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Photo: Diego Bini

Floripa is the dream destination of people from all over the country and abroad. Whether for vacationing or even living, the capital of Santa Catarina has all the good that a metropolis should contemplate, in addition to have a high Human Development Index (HDI) which makes it the Brazilian capital with the highest quality of life index.

The city of 500 thousand inhabitants has dozens of paradisiacal beaches, being the second capital with the largest area of ​​preserved Atlantic Forest. Now those who pass through Floripa cannot miss the city center either.


Visit the Public Market in the historic center for lunch or happy hour It is practically a mandatory stop for anyone visiting the place.

The center also has several bars and pubs with different themes, including Mexican, Australian and others, as well as several tourist attractions, with squares, museums and other options.

But for your experience to be complete, it is worth paying attention to some tips so that you can enjoy every moment safely.

Floripa is a safe city

The good news is that Florianópolis is a city that cares about security. In May of this year, the government launched a new security program in the municipality. The actions included the expansion of video surveillance cameras with installations of totems throughout the city, in addition to the expansion of the Municipal Guard, among other initiatives.

Take care of electronic devices

The center of Floripa is usually busy, especially in the summer season. But with so many cool places to visit, it's inevitable to want to capture every moment, isn't it? Always look around before taking your cell phone out of your pocket or purse.

Also, if possible, leave your cell phone in your front pocket and on vibrator mode. And avoid leaving it on display on the bar or restaurant table. Here is the maxim: those who are not seen are not wanted.

As for other electronics, such as notebooks, for example, the ideal is that you keep it in a laptop bag. In addition to protecting the device, it is much more difficult for you to forget or have it stolen.

Go and come back safely

Needless to say, drinking and driving don't mix. But if you are visiting the city for leisure, choose to travel with accredited taxi drivers or by private transport apps. Don't forget to check the driver's rating in the app, to avoid your trip becoming a headache.


Make a script and have a company

Walking with a company is nicer and safer. Making an itinerary of the places you are going to visit is interesting to avoid going to a place that is closed, missing the trip and ending up in a place with little movement of people, which is not cool.

If you go through any situation that puts your safety at risk, immediately seek the municipal guard or the military police (call 190) to receive immediate assistance.

Have a great tour!


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