Screening of the film “Rito do Amor Selvagem”, mediated by Lucila Meirelles, at Fundação Cultural Badesc

Written and directed by Lucila Meirelles and a SESCTV realization, the documentary “Rite of wild love” join the session Cine Delas [Floripa], which takes place on December 19, 2019, Thursday, from 19 pm, at the cineclube da Badesc Cultural Foundation. Entrance is free.

The presence of the director is confirmed for comments about the film and the themes related to it.

The experimental documentary brings memories, impressions and memories that were left over one of the first performance and multimedia events in Brazil, the show “Rito do amor Selvagem”, by José Agrippino de Paula and Maria Esther Stoclker, performed in 1969, at Teatro São Pedro, in Sao Paulo. The original soundtrack is signed by Cid Campos, and the production features unpublished audios by Agrippino and addresses the performance that innovated Brazilian theater, in 1969, by mixing different aspects of art, such as dance and multimedia art.

In addition to the spectators' view, the work brings testimonials from people who worked on the show and friends of Agrippino and Maria Esther, such as actors Stênio Garcia and Sérgio Mamberti, actress Claudia Alencar, filmmakers Jorge Bodanzky and Hermano Pena, plastic artist José Roberto Aguilar, director Gerald Thomas, painter and printmaker Antonio Peticov, musician Tom Zé, among others.

Cine Delas [Floripa]

Held monthly at the Fundação Cultural Badesc film club, Cine Delas [Floripa] is a session that aims to approach films directed by women, rethink the space that women have occupied throughout the history of cinema, in addition to addressing the themes that permeate this feminine universe.

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