Fundação Caslumi and social project unite in the campaign “Together against hunger”

The partnership with the Invisible Cities project arises to increase solidarity with people who, during the pandemic, are in a situation of vulnerability

The number of workers who have lost their jobs or who are unable to work due to the pandemic is increasing, whether due to lack of customers, the economic crisis installed around the world or the restrictions imposed by decrees. And it is with these people in mind that the campaign was created “Together against hunger”, idealized by Caslumi Foundation and with the support of the Invisible Cities project.

The objective of this initiative is to try to alleviate the lack of food in these homes, trying to guarantee at least the basics: food. The campaign is aimed exclusively at Florianópolis (SC) and continues until the month of August.

According to businessman Lucas Martins, founder of Fundação Caslumi, those interested in contributing can participate in two ways. One of them is taking non-perishable food to the headquarters of the Invisible Cities project, located at Rua Esteves Junior, nº 546 – ​​Downtown Florianópolis. The other way is by doing donations online.

Through the internet, it is possible to donate from 1 basic basket (R$ 55) to the amount corresponding to 30 baskets. O link to participate is also available on the profile of Foundation on Instagram.

In the same link there is also a form for those who need help. “The idea of ​​the campaign is that everyone can participate in some way, whether asking for help, because they are having difficulty feeding their family due to job loss or other reasons, or donating anything from a package of beans to 30 baskets. Every contribution is welcome and can make a difference”, explains Lucas.

collection points

Headquarters of the Invisible Cities Project, at Rua Esteves Júnior n. 546 Florianopolis, Santa Catarina;

Through the contribution platform (link in bio profile @fundacaocaslumi

Need help?

Registration through the form (also through the link in the profile bio @fundacaocaslumi).

Editing and publication: William Schütz.
Source: Davi Paes and Lima Communication.


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