How to Bake a Cake in an Electric Oven

You know when the day is a little rainy, which is not uncommon in Florianópolis during certain periods of the year, and you feel like eating a cake, accompanied by coffee or tea? Yeah, that's where the idea of ​​baking a cake might come from. But after all, how to bake cake in electric oven? 

It is the doubt of many people. Therefore, we will see next how to bake cake in electric oven, in a simple, practical and without mystery way. You can't miss reading, right!? 

What will you need to bake a cake in an electric oven?

There are many ways to make delicious and perfect cakes and use the electric oven to bake the cake is one of them. But before putting it to bake, it becomes important to prepare the dough. For this, you will need some ingredients, such as:

  • 2 eggs
  • 10 ml of oil
  • 400 g of sugar
  • 400 ml plain milk
  • 400 g of wheat flour 
  • yeast

From these ingredients it is possible to make a delicious dough to then pass it in the electric oven. Next we will see a little more about how to bake cake in the appliance.

How to bake cake in electric oven?

To bake a perfect cake in the electric oven, it is important to pay attention to the preparation of the dough, grease the mold and program the oven correctly. Following the step by step of each step so that nothing goes wrong in the process.

dough preparation

Since the ingredients to prepare the dough are selected. Now it's time to "put your hand in the dough" and prepare it with excellence.

  • first step: take a mixer and put oil, sugar, milk and yeast inside the mixer;
  • second step: beat the ingredients mentioned above and that are inside the mixer;
  • third step: after beating the oil, sugar, milk and yeast, slowly add the wheat flour;
  • fourth step: after adding the wheat flour, let it beat until everything is homogeneous (let it beat for about three minutes) and the dough is ready.

From this, the dough is ready. In this way, below we will see how to grease the mold and then pour the dough into it, to take it to the electric oven.

Grease the pan

To grease the mold it is important to follow the step by step, it is very practical and simple, see below:

  • first step: take a clean and dry form;
  • second step: pass a little butter, or else oil to grease the mold;
  • third step: the mold is greased (you can grease it with a piece of paper towel)

From this, once you have greased the form. Now it is important to program the oven so that the cake can be baked.

oven programming

So, once the cake batter is ready and the pan is greased, now is the time to worry about programming the oven.

From this, it is extremely important that before the cake enters the electric oven it is heated. So, the first step is preheating. 

With that, preheat your oven before putting the cake in for approximately 15 minutes, enough time for the cake to be fluffy and light.

Another point to be highlighted in this step is that the preheating of the oven can be adjusted to a temperature of 220º.

Once the oven is preheated, it's time to place your cake inside your toaster oven.

With that, it's important to let him bake for 40 minutes. Another tip is: don't open the oven before that time because otherwise it could collapse (become very heavy and compact).

Also, it's interesting to take a toothpick or any other toothpick to check if it's cooked or not.

A good tip to know if the cake is really ready is after 40 minutes, put the toothpick inside the cake and take it out lightly, if it's wet it's because it's not ready.

Now, if the toothpick comes out dry, your cake is baked and ready to be taken out of the oven.

In addition, one of the advantages of making cake in an electric oven is that it bakes evenly, that is, the temperature does not fluctuate. This way, it bakes evenly and thoroughly.


The electric oven is excellent for baking cakes and many other recipes. That's because it is functional and quite practical. 

From this, to make a delicious cake in the electric oven, it is important to pay attention to some details such as: preparing the dough, greasing the mold and programming the cake.

These three points are essential for a perfect cake, which is even more perfect if accompanied by coffee.

Therefore, in this article you can see how a cake is actually made in an electric oven. There's no mystery, just follow the step by step and in the end everything works out and it's really delicious.

Finally, the electric oven becomes an ally for those who love to make sweets and cakes. That's because it's quite efficient. So, here's a tip for spending a rainy day in Florianópolis, practicing everything you've learned here about how to bake a cake in an electric oven.


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