BIM technology can help preserve Historic Centers

BIM (Building Information Modeling) can be used in different segments, that is, from the construction of a modern building to the revitalization and preservation of a Historic Center. Technology applied correctly preserves local culture, ensuring the safety and durability of old structures, because even if a catastrophe such as fire occurs, it is possible to restore beauty and the smallest details quickly and efficiently.

Photo: BIM Disclosure

With this tool, engineers and architects can achieve accurate documentation of the environment, as BIM allows the creation of detailed three-dimensional models of historic structures, including all architectural, structural and service elements.

According to engineer Rafael Rigoni - BIM consultant specialized in modeling BIM structures and reality capture - nowadays it is essential to ally with technology to guarantee the safety and durability of old structures. “In Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, we used BIM in 25 churches to record the architecture and art of each location. This was done to preserve the historic environment. If a tragedy occurs, we can restore the building with all its previous details precisely,” he explains.

In the next few days, October 17th and 18th, engineers, architects and professionals from other areas related to works and projects will meet at the 5th BIM CREA-SC Congress, at the UFSC Events Center, in Florianópolis, to debate about BIM in different areas of activity and mainly the importance of people for technology to work properly. Furthermore, the Congress will have a device that will show in practice how BIM can help preserve the Historic Centers of the Capital of Santa Catarina.


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