Victor Meirelles Museum publishes edition of “Revista Eletrônica Ventilando Acervos” on Carnival

Organized by the team Victor Meirelles Museum and by the participants of the Collection Policy Study Group, the special volume of Electronic Magazine Ventilating Collections, under the heading “Collections and Memories of Carnivals in Brazil”, is available for reading and downloading on the website

For the organization, the Victor Meirelles counted on the help of the participants of the Political Collections Study Group, counted on the partnership of the Cacique de Ramos Recreational Guild, through its Domingos Félix do Nascimento Memory Center.

Throughout the edition, the 22 articles and their 36 authors deal with initiatives of collecting and patrimonialization of carnival practices around the country. The works reflect on the expressions of revelry in different locations, giving visibility to the different types of collections of Brazilian carnivals and cultural identity.

The articles and experience reports present public and private initiatives, institutionalized or not. Among the topics addressed are the importance of identifying collections of varied typology dispersed in entities, as well as research with and on sources of the history of regional carnivals; the report of protagonists of the medium in the preservation of their memories materialized in documents; the institutionalization of collections and archives in museums; the formation of community centers in carnival entities linked to the formation of references; the capacity for mobilization and extroversion of institutions created to safeguard carnival expressions recognized as national heritage.

The magazine

The "Electronic Magazine Ventilando Acervos", with an annual periodicity, is organized by the Political Collections Study Group, published by the Victor Meirelles Museum and has the support of the Association of Friends of the Victor Meirelles Museum. It is dedicated to gathering and socializing practices and knowledge about the management of collections in museums.

The publication seeks to bring together a theoretical framework to help museums prepare their Collections Policies, a document that establishes general guidelines for the conceptualization and management of collections through the definition of technical processes and procedures concerning the acquisition, documentation, management and to the disposal of collections, and also to disseminate experiences of museums that have already developed their Collections Policies, exchanging practices and reference examples for reflection on the activities carried out, the professionals involved, the difficulties encountered and the paths chosen.

The Study Group

The Collection Policy Study Group was started in November 2011 by the Victor Meirelles Museum team to fulfill the need to establish its Policy for the Acquisition and Disposal of Cultural Assets of a Museological Nature. It aims to raise sources of studies on the subject and exchange knowledge and experiences regarding the acquisition, management and disposal of collections in museums.

Editing and publishing: William Schutz
With information from the press office of the Victor Meirelles Museum.


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