Better Like This: new single from Fantástico Caramelo arrives with a music video and features a psychedelic dance

the band from Santa Catarina Fantastic Caramel reveals another single that anticipates his second album In the Astral Hills, which will be released this year. Dancing and with the feel of an indie pop anthem, Better that way arrives today on digital platforms accompanied by a music video directed by band members Henrique Marquez and Nayara Lamego, who also wrote the song's lyrics. The track is marked by elements of pop music and space guitars that refer to groups like Os Mutantes, Pink Floyd and Boogarins, as well as synths that celebrate names like The Doors and Pond. The video, in turn, was directed by Guilherme Galdino and shows the band in red costumes in an atmosphere of suspense and psychedelia. Watch here

Addressing themes such as change, ego and indifference, the song is sung by Nayara Lamego in Portuguese and Spanish – reaffirming the polyglot character of the project's compositions. "Melhor Assim talks about the impulse to make decisions in the heat of the moment, having to deal with the consequences of actions later", says Nayara, who is part of the band alongside Henrique Marquez, Gabriel Alves, Diego Pereira and Marcelo Sutil. The musical production is by Rafael Rossetto from Santa Catarina. This is the third single to be revealed before the album, following Alchemy e Drop of Love - which was included in Spotify's Indie Brasil editorial playlist. 

The cover was created by illustrator from Santa Catarina Grazzus Cunha, who designed the new album's graphic design In the Astral Hills. The art refers to the image of a staircase and a door, elements that represent the search for the unknown, the path to new phases and cycles, the opening of a new world. "Through imagination, each listener will have their own conclusions, transporting the music to some lived situation", comments Nayara.

Photo used: Eduardo Pasqualini / Disclosure


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