Big bets

In the world of sports betting, there are many people willing to risk large amounts of money predicting the results of sporting events. For these players, betting becomes a passion and a way to make money. There are many betting sites, such as 1Win, where it is possible to place bets at favorable rates and get really high profits.

Olympic Games

An unknown Russian player in 2016 bet 5 million dollars on the Russian team's victory in the general classification at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Despite many doping scandals, Russia was a strong competitor and the betting rate was very high. However, due to the exclusion of part of the Russian athletes, the team was unable to reach first place. Thus, the bet was lost and the mystery player lost his 5 million dollars.

Boxing fight

In the world of boxing, there are exciting fights where big bets are made. An anonymous bettor from England in 2017 bet 1 million pounds on Conor McGregor winning the fight against Floyd Mayweather. At a rate of 7, it was a giant bet with a significant chance of profit. Unfortunately, McGregor lost the fight and the anonymous bettor lost his bet.

soccer World Cup

In July 2018, an unknown millionaire from the USA made the biggest bet in the history of sports betting: an incredible 1 million dollars on France's victory in the Football World Cup final in Russia. At that time, France was one of the favorites of the tournament, and the millionaire decided not to miss the opportunity to win a large amount, placing a bet with a rate of 2,10. After the French team's victory, the millionaire obtained an incredible 2,1 million dollars.

Formula 1 Grand Prix

In 2000, a British man placed an impressive £500.000 bet on then-unknown Spanish driver Fernando Alonso winning the Monaco Grand Prix. At that time, Alonso was not yet a well-known driver, but the Briton predicted his future success. The bet with a rate of 1000 awarded the player 500 million pounds, making it the biggest profit in the history of sports betting.

Manchester City football club

In 2020, an event occurred in the world of sports betting that caused commotion and astonishment. An anonymous businessman from London, whose name is still unknown, decided to make a colossal bet on the Manchester City football club. The bet value was no less than 1,29 million pounds. This anonymous investor's goal was to predict Manchester City's Champions League victory. The whole world was skeptical about this bet, considering the probability of this outcome to be extremely low. But, as they say, luck favors the bold: the businessman was right and his bet resulted in an incredible victory.

Sports betting can provide exceptional economic reward or be a source of losses. The top of the big bets still surprises and inspires those who make this type of risky bet. Gambling requires a conscious approach, market knowledge and risk management skills. For many people, this becomes a source of adrenaline and entertainment, but it is important to remember the possible consequences and play responsibly.


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