Complete Guide to Parking at Afonso Pena Airport

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Welcome to our complete guide to parking at Afonso Pena International Airport. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to park safely and conveniently at Brazil's largest airport.

Parking Options

Official Airport Parking

Afonso Pena Airport offers several parking options. In addition to the official airport parking, there are parking options parking near Afonso Pena Airport, ensuring safety and convenience for travelers. These parking lots are close to the terminals, which facilitates access for passengers.

Nation Park parking lot

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Afonso Pena Airport Parking

How to Choose the Best Parking

When choosing where to park at Afonso Pena Airport, take some important factors into consideration:

  • Proximity to Terminals: Choose a parking lot close to the departure terminal to avoid long walks with luggage.
  • Security: Check that the parking lot offers 24-hour security, with adequate surveillance and monitoring.
  • Price: Compare the rates at different parking lots to find the most economical option for your trip.
  • Additional Services: Consider extra services like a car wash and valet for added convenience during your stay.

Tips for Parking Safely

To ensure a smooth experience when parking at Afonso Pena Airport, follow these tips:

  1. Arrive Early: Try to arrive at the parking lot with enough time to find a space and check in without rushing.
  2. Lock your Vehicle: Always lock your vehicle and make sure all windows are closed before leaving it parked.
  3. Store your belongings: Avoid leaving valuables visible inside the car. Use the trunk to store luggage and personal belongings.
  4. Note your Location: Make a note or take a photo of the place where you parked your vehicle to make it easier to find when you return from your trip.


Parking at Afonso Pena Airport can be a simple and safe task if you follow the guidelines presented in this guide. Choose the parking lot that best suits your needs and enjoy a peaceful, worry-free journey.


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