5 tips for decorating your vacation property and renting more

Looking for a property to rent for the season is something that makes anyone excited, as the search is for the location of the next vacation! 

If you have a property to rent, you need to anticipate the person's excitement when seeing each space, thinking about what it will be like to spend their next vacation there, imagining themselves in that beautiful and cozy environment.

After all, a cool decoration can make all the difference when choosing, because it makes a good impression in the photos and highlights the qualities of each room. 

With that in mind, today we're going to bring you tips to boost your decor and be able to rent your property more often!

Decoration for your property to rock the season

When choosing a vacation property, tourists want to connect with the place, in this regard, decoration can help convey the much-desired feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

A property with attractive decoration makes tourists want to visit it, which translates into greater chances of attracting visitors and, consequently, closing more rentals! 

And we've already said: the decoration tips we selected will greatly help your property become popular with visitors.

1 - Up-to-date maintenance

Before decorating, you need to pay attention to the general condition of the property. Utensils, furniture and appliances must all be working and in excellent condition.

And this doesn't mean that you need to get rid of old things - but rather take care of their appearance, maintaining and touching up what needs improvement. This way, you change the look of the property without spending much, just by modifying a few elements.

2 – Think about customer tastes

When decorating your holiday property, keep in mind that it should attract tourists. 

It makes it much easier if you already know the profile of tourists who rent your property the most, as you already know the elements for each audience: young people, families, couples, etc.

If you don't yet know the profile of your future client, the ideal is to invest in simple decorations with neutral colors contrasting with one or another element of vibrant colors.

3 - Decoration in tune with the region

This tip is accurate: the seasonal property must follow the region’s trends. 

In other words, if your property is on the beach, invest in decoration with marine themes, giving that navy atmosphere, with a color palette ranging from blue, green and white, as well as beach crafts, decoration with shells and paintings of seascapes. .

But, if the property is located in a region that tourists visit in winter, bet on earthy colors - brown, tile, wine - and wooden objects. And, for the client to stay warm, use and abuse blankets, furs, tapestries... everything that refers to warmth and coziness.

The important thing is not to stray from the topic. Always pay attention to objects and thus compose creations that are harmonious.

4 – Look for ideas to get inspired

If you don't think you're ready for decoration, there's no shortage of ideas for inspiration! There are many websites and magazines on the subject that you can take a look at, choose what you like most and try to reproduce it in your property.

Capture some elements and use them to compose your decoration, setting up the environment according to the needs of your target audience and their financial possibilities - which leads us to the next topic.

5 - Search for objects in different stores

For example, did you love the sofa bed of a magazine, but when researching the value you were discouraged? What do you do?

You capture the idea as we highlighted above and reproduce it according to your budget, that is, you maintain the inspiration, but with more affordable items. 

It is possible to find many very interesting decorative objects in non-specialized stores - which offer a much more friendly price.

Returning to the example of the sofa bed. It is always worth paying attention to quality, as the most expensive does not mean it is the best and the cheapest is not necessarily bad.

So, when you go shopping, or go for a walk, look at things with different eyes, because with attention and patience, you will find super cool objects in places you least imagine and at interesting prices.

Now it's hands on!

With the tips in this post for decorating your vacation property, start getting your hands dirty right now, giving it a boost and earning more from vacation rentals.

When going on vacation, a person wants to relax and leave stress behind. So build a very cozy decoration that offers this to tourists, take beautiful photos and win over more customers!


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