Florianópolis can become a paradise for gamblers

With the approval of the regulatory framework for gaming in Brazil and the consequent arrival of casinos in the largest tourist centers in the country, Hard Rock expressed an interest in investing in Brazilian territory.

Credit: Tiago Muraro

The network of hotels, restaurants and casinos Hard Rock plans to build eight new developments in Brazil and studies new casino projects in the country, totaling an investment of R$ 7 billion. Its partnership with the construction company VCI Construtora e Incorporadora LTDA aims for immediate construction in the cities of Foz do Iguaçu and Ilha do Sol in Paraná, São Paulo and Campos do Jordão in São Paulo, Fortaleza and Jericoacoara in Ceará, Recife in Pernambuco and Natal in Rio Grande From north.

The company has also shown interest in building its own hotel in Florianópolis, where it will be able to add a casino if the gaming sector is legalized later this year. “We are excited to introduce our standard of entertainment to Florianópolis,” said Hard Rock International Senior Vice President and Head of Global Development Todd Hricko.

Generating jobs and moving the economy on the island

As indicated by Hard Rock International, they aim to generate more than 2.000 jobs in the region during the construction and development of Hard Rock Live and the hotel. This projection reinforces the strongest argument that Brazilian politicians have used to accelerate the approval of the regulatory framework for gaming in Brazil: the generation of jobs, the movement of tourism and the economy.

For Brazilians who love the gaming and betting market, the safe and easily accessible alternative for entertainment has been sites like https://www.onlinecassino.com.br/ that offers the best of online casino legally. Although there is the possibility of accessing the best traditional casino games while the legislation prohibits land-based casinos, there is no tax collection on the financial movement of these platforms. This is because they are under foreign jurisdiction. 

This means that, although it is possible to legally enjoy entertainment, all the amount invested by Brazilians in these sites does not generate a contribution to the public coffers. This fact increases popular and political pressure for legalization to take place later this year, which generates great expectations from investors such as Hard Rock.

Island Tourism

Florianópolis brings together an incredible portfolio of beautiful landscapes that attracts audiences from all over the world. Despite the impact on Brazilian tourism during the pandemic years, ecotourism on the island has resumed with full force. The region with a pleasant climate and beautiful beaches attracts investors from casino resorts, who consider the beautiful Brazilian landscapes with global potential for the development of these activities. 

With the renovation of the Petry Arena commanded by the North American Hard Rock, the now Petry Events Center reached its main objective by becoming a reference space for events in Florianópolis. This means that the Island is already a paradise for investors and visitors. Now, the 'Magic Island' region also has the largest indoor stadium in Brazil! A place with capacity to house 17 thousand participants in 10 social events and simultaneous shows.


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