Mediterranean trip, here's what you need to know

Taking a cruise is on many people's bucket lists. It is a tourism option that is growing a lot in Brazil and in the world. Brazil, for example, is the largest consumer country of this modality in South America.

According to an estimate by the Brazilian Association of Maritime Cruises, the 2022/2023 season is expected to be the longest in the last ten years. From October 2022 to April 2023, eight ships must sail through 160 itineraries.

Data from the same association showed that the search for the modality grew 21% in the first half of 2019, with 293 shipments from Brazilians.

In addition to the options for cheap and cost-effective packages, traveling by cruise has numerous advantages, such as interaction activities between tourists and excellent cuisine. A great choice to make on vacation, for example.

Cruises on the Brazilian Coast

For those who want to explore South America in ten days, a unique and memorable experience is cruise trip. The Costa Fortuna, Costa Favolosa and Costa Firenze ships, from Costa Cruises, explore landscapes, cuisine, music and colors on itineraries through Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

It is an excellent tourism option to explore Santa Catarina and the South region, as it embarks in Itajaí, on the coast of Santa Catarina. Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro are part of the itinerary.

Mediterranean cruises

In the list of incredible experiences not to be missed, we certainly find exploring a Mediterranean cruise. In this way, tourists can enjoy the beaches of Santorini and Ibiza, the ruins of Rome, discover Barcelona, ​​​​​Florence, Istanbul or Venice, as well as experience the different flavors of each city.

There are several destinations to be explored in four to 15 days: Croatia, Egypt, Spain, Morocco, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal and Turkey. It's a summer that never ends, with beautiful sunny views, markets, villages and centuries-old traditions.

Other destinations

There are packages for all tastes, pockets and destinations. An eight to fifteen day trip to Northern Europe, where you can explore the wonders, culture and cuisine of Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greenland, Ireland, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Lithuania, Netherlands and Latvia.

The skyscrapers, mosques and deserts of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates can also be explored in eight to fifteen days on a cruise trip.

There are also options to explore the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean in eight to fifteen days, as well as being able to travel around the world on a four-month journey through Australia, India, Patagonia, Japan and more.

Types of cruises

As said before, there are different types of cruises for all tastes, pockets and also occasions. Whether it's a romantic trip, with family, friends or even alone, there's always a way to have fun and experience a unique experience.

Shows, game rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, theater and even a wedding ceremony are some of the experiences on offer. In addition, there are themed cruises for each time of year or festivity: Christmas, Carnival or New Year, for example.

Costa Cruises has the following types of cruises:

Costa Venezia: Offers the experience of living the atmosphere of Venice, with swimming pools, sun loungers and parasols;

Costa Smeralda: The sustainable ship has options of more than ten bars and restaurants. It also has a SPA, gym and water park;

Toscana Coast: With international shows and shows, it offers more than ten swimming pools and whirlpools, in addition to more than fifteen options of bars and restaurants. It has a water slide and about 1550 cabins with a balcony;

Costa Firenze: It has a theater, SPA, more than 960 cabins with balconies, seven bars, more than ten restaurants and four swimming pools and whirlpools;

Costa Deliziosa: With wine bar, pizzeria, gelateria and much more. It has five restaurants, more than ten bars, and seven swimming pools and whirlpools, in addition to around 600 cabins with balconies;

Costa Diadema: With eight options of bars and restaurants, it has Japanese food, ice cream parlor and pizzeria, in addition to eleven swimming pools and whirlpools;

Costa Fascinosa: For those who like theater and cinema, it has night shows and shows, as well as a SPA and swimming pool;

Costa Favolosa: Hot tub, sports, 16 Michelin star menu and much more;

Costa Pacifica: Music on board with international artists, dancing by the pool, with more than ten bars, six restaurants and nine pools and whirlpools;

Costa Fortuna: With a casino, hot tub, games room and 20s-inspired decor, it has five restaurants and ten bars.

In addition, there is the option of transoceanic cruises, with up to two weeks of adventures. The departure is by ship and the return by plane. The crossings have long walks at a slow pace, to cross the Mediterranean or the Atlantic and Indian Oceans at a leisurely pace.

Check the main destinations on the Costa Cruises website and organize your cruise trip.


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