How to Choose the Best Betting App

Before we start, it should be clarified that there really isn't a definitive app, or Best Betting App. This is because each user has different tastes and goals when it comes to sports betting and no App covers all needs.

However, there are several features that a betting app must have to be considered a candidate for Best Betting App.

So just find an App that meets the main quality characteristics and adjusts to your preferences. So let's start by taking a look at the characteristics that an App must have to fight for that position.

What defines the Best Betting App?

For practical purposes, an app cannot be the Best Betting App if it is not:

It is an official App from a bookmaker

It is essential that the App is an official version of the bookmaker. Otherwise, it means that your data will be exposed to third parties who will not guarantee its security.

This is even more important if you are using deposit and withdrawal methods such as credit cards whose numbers can be compromised. On the other hand, if your App is the official version of a recognized bookmaker, you will have several layers of protection.

Can be downloaded from official websites

Even if the App you are using is an official version, it is essential that you make sure you only download it from safe websites. That is, to be the Best Betting App, it must be available for download:

  • Directly from the official page of your bookmaker.
  • From a secure store like PlayStore and App Store.

If the App is not downloaded through official means, it can be compromised and put your security at risk.

Belongs to a legal and reliable bookmaker

In addition, you must verify that the bookmaker to which the App belongs is a legal and reliable company. To do this, you can review:

  • The years of service the company has in the entertainment world and its reputation.
  • The licenses that the company has to operate as a bookmaker.
  • Certificates and awards given by trusted third parties to that bookmaker.

Investigating these features will allow you to quickly determine if the bookmaker is legitimate, therefore your App is trustworthy.

Allows you to place live bets

One of the biggest advantages of playing on a betting app is being able to place and adjust live and direct bets. This will allow you to enjoy the adrenaline of betting on sporting events with live adjusted odds.

In addition, you will be able to withdraw bets in advance to minimize your losses.

Gives you the opportunity to activate bonuses and promotions

A betting app that does not allow activating bonuses is definitely not the Best Betting App. Therefore, only the Apps where you can take advantage of the promotions available on the official page will be really good.

Has built-in deposit and withdrawal functions

Finally, many bonuses and promotions require deposits to be activated. Therefore, another important feature of a betting app is to allow deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, being able to recharge your account with your App means being able to do it from your cell phone anywhere and anytime.

Bookmakers to find the Best Betting App

Given the minimum characteristics that a betting app must meet to be considered the best, the next step is to know where to look for it. The good news is that there are several bookmakers operating in Brazil with Apps that comply with them.

So, to save you time, we recommend that you consult the following bookmakers:


With over 50 years of service, internationally valid licenses and an impeccable reputation, Betsson also offers an official betting app. Best of all, this App is available for both iOS and Android, so you can use it on virtually any phone.

With it, you will be able to do everything mentioned in the minimum features of the Best Betting App and much more.


With international licenses for virtual games updated since 2019, Betano is yet another bookmaker with an official app perfect for you. This App will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals quickly to enjoy live betting on your Android phone.

Best of all, you can find several tutorials about the app directly on Betano's official page. This way you will know that each step is safe when using it and that you will have full support from your bookmaker.


Finally, if you prefer another classic bookmaker, Bet365 has an Android app that will give you access to the best of its official website. This includes basic services and the opportunity to follow the best sporting events live.

All this from your mobile at no extra cost from Bet365. So don't hesitate to take a tour of the page to discover everything it has in store for you.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about betting apps or still have questions? Then keep reading because below you have answers to several frequently asked questions about betting apps.

Is it legal to gamble on a betting app?

Yes, for an app to be the Best Betting App for any user, it is essential to be legal to use it. For this reason, bookmakers such as Betsson, Betano and Bet365 have the necessary licenses to offer sports betting.

Are there any extra costs to play on Best Betting App?

No, if an App charges extra fees for using it, it cannot be the best betting app, as there are excellent and free alternatives.

Where should I download the Best Betting App?

Best Betting App must be downloaded from official websites. That is, on the official page of your bookmaker or in the store corresponding to your cell phone.

Do you need to be of legal age to play on Best Betting App?

Yes, whether on the Best Betting App or on a betting page, you must be of legal age to place sports bets.


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