Intense. This is the word that defines the Rancore show, which played this last Saturday (14th) in Florianópolis as part of its farewell tour. The band launched nationally after their third (and perhaps last) album, called Seiva. In it are songs like Jeito Livre, Samba, Mulher e Mãe - which was even included in the soundtrack of Malhação in 2012. This can even make those who don't know the group think that it's a band with romantic and calm songs. Make a mistake.

The band opened the show with Escravo Espiritual, soon one of the heaviest of Seiva. When I saw a man, right in the center of the dance floor, asking people to move away, I already imagined: here comes mosh (popularly known as punk wheel). And there was no other. Two minutes of non-stop pushing in the center of the track, including girls participating. In the midst of this, several people ascending the stage and diving into the arms of the audience. I didn't expect it right away, but apparently the crowd was already quite comfortable to enjoy the show in a hardcore style. Then came other songs by Seiva, such as Samba, Jeito Livre, Ritual, Planto and Inocentes. Meanwhile, the punk circle continued there, without a break, and with most of the audience participating. Songs from other albums were also played, such as Respeito é a Lei - which despite the headbanging was followed to the letter during the show - and Quarto Escuro, much celebrated by the public. To close, the emotional Cresci, probably the most subjective song written by vocalist Teco Martins. At the end of the presentation, the band said that they would play some acoustic songs later on the deck, which is outside Célula. After half an hour, Teco a Alê, the group's drummer, reappeared there. In a very intimate setting, he played the group's lighter songs, such as Mãe, Mulher and Transa, which definitively closed the big night. After putting away his guitar he talked to the fans, took pictures and said goodbye to the audience, who will surely miss the group.

As much as the end of the band is still not certain - at first it will just be a hiatus - the possibilities are great. Teco himself commented that this was probably the group's last show in Florianópolis. Whether or not, only time will tell. The certainty is that the show was intense, with a lot of energy and good music. I have a considerable repertoire of shows I've been to, and I have no hesitation in saying that this was one of the best. I hope there are others to come, because few bands manage to have such an original sound on the national scene today as Rancore. Gabriel Lima gabrielduwe@gmail.com Photos: Vinícius Bressan


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