Badesc Cultural Foundation publishes the result of the 2023 Public Notice

The exhibition calendar of the Badesc Cultural Foundation will present throughout 2023 five exhibitions that were selected in the Public Notice 2023. All selected projects will be presented at Espaço Fernando Beck.

The projects approved by the judging committee are from the following proponents: Adriane Kirst (Transmute), Jérémie Bonheurewith the artists Deborah Seixas, Naiara Bertoli e Ruth Steyer (Astronauta de Pano), Luanda de Oliveira (The Archaeologist in the dream house), Lucas Speranza, with the artists Estela Camillo, Gustavo Magalhães, Hércules Scapo and João Matheus (O Sul São Meus Pais) and Rosa Grizzo (Actions to undo invisibilities).

Badesc Cultural Foundation will receive five exhibitions from the 2023 Public Notice - credit: Bruna Henrique

In this edition, 79 proposals were entered, coming from seven Brazilian states, most of which were from Santa Catarina. The projects were evaluated by the commission formed by the professor, researcher and art critic Luciane Garcez, by Marinilse Netto, professor and coordinator of the Visual Arts course at Unochapecó, and by the visual artist, art educator and researcher Sebastião Gaudêncio Branco. 

The selection of the five projects was held on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, during a videoconference. And as described in the Public Notice regulation, in case any of the approved artists cannot participate, the commission also listed two projects as substitutes.

first exhibition

The Foundation team will make contact with those selected and will soon publish the order of exhibitions in the press, on the website and on the Foundation's official networks. However, the first exhibition of Edict 2023 already has a set opening date, it will be on Thursday, April 6th.

The Badesc Cultural Foundation is located at Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto, 216, in downtown Florianópolis. Free visits can be made from Monday to Friday, from 13:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX.


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