The best bookmakers to bet on Formula 1 in Brazil

Formula 1, also known as F1, is recognized as the top category of single-seater racing authorized by the International Automobile Federation (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile - FIA). Widely regarded as the most prestigious form of motorsport, it surpasses all other annual sports series in terms of global viewership.

The inaugural Formula 1 race took place in Great Britain in 1950, with a thrilling seven-race season, won by the skilled Italian driver Giuseppe Farina, with an Alfa Romeo. Since then, the sport has witnessed an exponential rise in popularity and prestige, attracting some of the world's most exceptional riders to compete in this illustrious competition.

Today, Formula 1 racing continues to delight audiences around the world as an exhilarating and intensely competitive sport. Over the last few decades, its popularity has increased exponentially, cementing its status as one of the most captivating and engaging sports on the planet.

The 5 best bookmakers in Brazil for Formula 1

Looking for the best Formula 1 bookmakers? We've got you covered with a comprehensive guide to the top betting sites for this exciting motorsport event. Whether you're a fan of the legendary Ayrton Senna or a follower of current drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, our analysis of the Formula 1 betting will offer you higher odds, better markets and a variety of features. Accelerate your sports betting experience with our carefully curated list of Formula 1 betting sites and secure pole position in this exciting realm.


Bet365, the leading sports betting giant, naturally tops the list of Formula 1 online bookmakers. With its focus on quality, diverse betting markets, above average odds and opening events, Bet365 occupies the top position in our ranking. This bookmaker not only excels in football, but also features motorsport on the Denise Coates website.

Bet365 consistently stays ahead of the competition by offering a number of racing specific distinguishing factors. Take the Abu Dhabi GP, for example. Bet365 offers a multitude of markets, including the final winner, the podium, the finish in the top 6, the driver's fastest lap, the winning car (such as Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari), the presence of a safety car, the car with the fastest lap, the nationality of the winning driver and the number of drivers who finish the race. This wide range of betting options makes Bet365 the most comprehensive choice for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

In addition, Bet365 has several positive attributes, such as varied markets for each Grand Prix, long-term bets for both the best manufacturer and the best driver during the championship, competitive starting odds, cashout option, fast and convenient deposit via PIX , a site entirely in Portuguese (especially beneficial for Brazilians), as well as regular betting credits and various bonuses.


Betano has established itself as an experienced betting site in the market, catering to a loyal audience interested in sports betting. With a wide range of Formula 1 competitions, Betano offers players detailed statistics and live results. The platform provides players with the knowledge they need for successful betting, complemented by an intuitive and practical application designed specifically for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Originally launched in Romania in 2013, Betano has expanded its presence to many countries. In 2020, the renowned Formula 1 bookmaker entered the Brazilian market, solidifying its relationship with the European continent. In addition, Betano secured sponsorships with top teams, including Atlético Mineiro and Fluminense.

Betano offers several attractive opportunities for players, such as the "Game of the Week" promotion. When wagering a minimum of €300 Monday to Friday, players automatically receive 50 free spins on the slot game "Wheels of Flame". Additionally, there is the chance to win a double bonus based on the deposit amount, giving players more value to leverage on their wagers.

Betano offers an excellent welcome bonus. When players make their first deposit of at least €50,00, they receive double the amount in their account, up to €300,00. This additional balance can be used to expand your betting possibilities.


Dafabet is a well-established sportsbook in the market, offering users the opportunity to bet on a variety of sports. Founded in 2004, Dafabet has extensive experience in the sports betting industry. The platform is known for its partnerships with renowned clubs, 24/7 customer support, and operating licenses from the governments of Curacao and the Philippines.

In addition to its extensive sports offer, Dafabet offers several attractive bonuses and promotions. For example, they offer a welcome bonus for Formula 1 enthusiasts, granting a 100% bonus on first and second deposits, up to R$500,00 each, with a minimum deposit of R$30,00. In addition, Dafabet presents several attractive offers on its website, such as a weekly cashback of 10,88% up to R$ 2.500,00 for NBA bets.

When considering bookmakers, it is critical for players to weigh the pros and cons to find the one that best suits their needs. Dafabet has a diverse range of games, an easy-to-use mobile app and a convenient cashout feature. However, it is worth noting that the Formula 1 blog news on the platform may not be updated frequently.

In conclusion, Dafabet is a highly regulated and reliable bookmaker, guaranteeing the security and reliability of its services. With its abundant bonuses and promotions, as well as excellent customer support, Dafabet comes highly recommended for Formula 1 enthusiasts and sports bettors in general.


This famous operator, widely recognized in other Latin American countries, has now arrived in Brazil and is finding success through television advertising with ibis. Betsson unquestionably stands out as a bookmaker offering high quality F1 betting options with highly attractive odds for enthusiasts of this exciting sport.

Among several positive aspects of Betsson, it is worth highlighting the aspect of being a bookmaker that has gained significant popularity in Brazil. Betsson has several strengths, including a generous welcome bonus for new players, specialist markets tailored for each Grand Prix event, as well as flexible deposit methods such as PIX, bank slip and bank transfers. In addition, Betsson guarantees clear and concise information for Formula 1 betting by offering an easy-to-use homepage that optimizes navigation through the use of stored cookies.


Betnacional is a renowned bookmaker in the world of Formula 1 betting, catering to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. With its strong reputation for addressing customer concerns and extensive coverage of various tournaments, Betnacional has established itself as a standout player in the betting market.

Initially launched in 2020, Betnacional quickly gained a prominent position in the Brazilian market. The bookmaker has an active license granted by the government of Curacao and proudly sponsors several official teams, further solidifying its position in the realm of Formula 1 sports betting.

Whilst Betnacional does not offer specific promotions, its highly competitive odds make up for the absence of such incentives, providing a promising path for punters to pursue winnings through its range of services.

In order to select the most attractive bookmaker, it is critical for bettors to consider both the pros and cons. Betnacional has a mobile application, ensuring greater convenience and practicality for users. In addition, it offers strong customer support in Portuguese, an intuitive and easy-to-use layout and a diverse selection of games. However, it is important to note that Betnacional does not offer a streaming service, and there are no promotions or bonus offers available.

Once you've familiarized yourself with the top 5 Formula 1 betting sites, you're ready to embark on an exciting journey with these exceptional operators. Make your first deposit and enjoy the best of this captivating sport.

How to choose the best website

When selecting from the myriad of Formula 1 bookmakers available today, it is important to consider several factors. Among them are the types of betting markets, the odds offered, player support and other crucial aspects that the best bookmakers must offer. Let's delve into common features among the most notable betting sites.

Betting markets

For Formula 1 enthusiasts who like to bet, there are several markets to choose from. Each option offers good odds, leading to potentially bigger gains. Let's explore these markets in more detail:

overduea: A single bet where you predict the winner of a race based on the favourites.

Fastest Lap: This market requires careful analysis of external variables such as weather conditions, driver performance, car team, tire types and other important factors to predict which driver will set the fastest lap on a given track.

builders: This type of bet allows you to choose the number of wins for a team in a specific season. Knowledge of the previous season's performance of the teams involved in building Formula 1 cars is crucial for accurate predictions.

Podium: Bet on the number of points that a certain Formula 1 driver will have at the end of the championship. This market tends to be less variable as top performers constantly struggle to maintain their positions.

These betting options increase the excitement and adrenaline of the sport, providing a unique user experience on betting sites.


The odds of competition in Formula 1 are influenced by a number of external factors such as weather conditions and participating drivers. Consequently, these factors also affect the odds offered. Therefore, the main Formula 1 betting sites offer competitive odds that maximize potential winnings.

Bet live

Only the best platforms offer the option to follow live betting and make predictions during the competition itself. Choosing from our selection of formula 1 bookmakers ensures that you can take advantage of this feature, adding an extra level of excitement to your betting experience.

Customer support

Having access to expert customer support is essential in case of problems related to the site, transactions or any queries that may arise. This demonstrates a strong commitment between the bookmaker and the player.

By considering these factors and opting for recommended Formula 1 bookmakers, you can enhance your overall betting experience.

Formula 1 betting tips on how to win

Are you thinking of placing bets on Formula 1? Here are some tips to help with online betting:

  • Before placing your bets, gather information about the drivers and their aspirations for each race.
  • It is important to understand the probabilities and identify the value in them.
  • Take advantage of bonuses for riskier bets on underdog drivers. Get to know the drivers' strategies and their performance in specific races.

By considering these factors along with the odds, you can make better-informed bets that are more likely to succeed.


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