Are you going to travel? Check out 5 Unmissable Travel English Tips

If you are thinking of taking your well-deserved vacation and going to the United States, Canada, England, Australia or any other country, English is of course the most important language. Taking a private English class is more than an absolute necessity, so look for a good professional in the area so he can help you in whatever you need. For Floripa, the Floripa Guide provides a list of language schools in Florianopolis to help you.

Let's see in this article, five unmissable tips for English for travel. These are very important tips that will make all the difference in your personal and even professional life. The important thing is to make yourself understood when you step on foreign soil. Of course, pretty much the whole world speaks English, so don't miss out on this one. Life is too short, so we should make the most of it.

say one

Go to travel English websites – there are many on the internet. These sites are very interesting because they divide the lessons into categories – from your arrival at the airport to your shopping, hotel and car reservations, and even emergency situations like going to the hospital if you feel sick. Read through all the dialogues and write down anything new you find. Look for the pronunciation of each word and repeat them. Talk to a friend or family member to practice everyday situations.

tip two

Of course you will be traveling abroad, so understanding a native is more than important. Watch movies and series and you'll have at your disposal the best in dialogue and vocabulary. The advantage of movies is that you will be able to pause and put subtitles, and consequently, you will enjoy the movie and learning much more.

tip three

This tip is important for you to be aware of the native accent. An important idea is to listen to music as much as possible. Pick your favorite singer or singer and choose some songs. Pay attention to the pronunciation of each word and then read the letter aloud. Then put the music back on and sing along with the singer. You will see that you will learn many new words and your English will certainly change soon.

tip four

Go to sites like Youtube, for example, and look for videos from your destination country. Let's say you want to go to California, United States. Look for videos that talk about the main cities, the customs of the natives, the tourist spots, and everything you can find information. It will be interesting to get used to the pronunciation of Californians.

tip five

Once you have the itinerary in hand, try to see the main restaurants in each city to be visited, as well as the tourist attractions, and make reservations for everything in advance. If you go to Disney, buy tickets and read all about the parks on the company's official website. It's a way to train your vocabulary and, of course, get to know what you'll see on your vacation.

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