5 great tourist attractions in Florianopolis

If you haven't visited Florianópolis yet, it's time to rethink and put a tour of this city in your plans.

Formed practically by an island, the capital of Santa Catarina enchants visitors with its beautiful beaches, whose hottest season of the year is the most sublime adornment of the landscape, although the charms of the other seasons do not go unnoticed.

What leisure options are available?

In addition to the beaches, there are leisure options for all tastes in Floripa: if you are more adventurous, there are beautiful trails to visit; if you prefer to taste the typical dishes of the region and chat with friends, there are bars and restaurants with a variety of prices and menus.

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There is not a tourist spot to be despised, but it is obvious that some can arouse much more interest and satisfaction. Here we specify only five of them, whose classification is among the most visited, but they manage to express a very small part of the landscape richness of the city.


Peri Lagoon
Peri Lagoon

Listed as a Natural Heritage Site, Lagoa do Peri concentrates the largest volume of fresh water on the coast of Santa Catarina, protected by an extensive biological reserve. There, ecotourism diversifies leisure options, while the park carries out important work to raise awareness and preserve endangered animals, such as the otter, whose name is the name of a research project on the species, called Projeto Lontra.


Hercílio Luz Bridge seen from the North Seaside
Hercílio Luz Bridge seen from the North Seaside

Currently, some tourist sites are returning to exert their fascination, as is the case of Hercílio Luz Bridge. Reference of the city, the bridge is one of the largest suspensions in the world, and was designed to replace ferry crossings. This postcard was inactive for 28 years, being reopened this year (2020), reaffirming the projection of intimacy with the local people and visitors through pleasant sensations during its crossing. See more about the "old lady", as she is affectionately known among Florianópolis residents.


Córrego Grande Ecological Park
Córrego Grande Ecological Park

It is not for nothing that the residents of Florianópolis have an immense affection for this green mantle, as its beauty goes far beyond figurative language.

Its tracks evoke an aesthetic, environmental, educational, social and psychological perspective. In the past, the region had a farm that produced milk, and its vegetation was very low, today it houses around 100 species of trees, all duly catalogued, and is the headquarters of the Floram department.

With signs in Braille, the visually impaired were included in the access to the Córrego Grande Ecological Park, so that its social function is completely satisfactory. 


Praia Brava - Florianopolis
Brava Beach

Although loved by surfers, its rough waters require great care. If you want to enjoy it with your family, you can also enjoy the wide space of its sands. Located in a small neighborhood, there are few hotels available in Praia Brava, but there is an option for apartment rentals. The charm of this tourist spot is precisely the feeling of being in perfect harmony with nature, as if each little piece does not overlap with the other.


Joaquina Dunes
Joaquina Dunes

The Joaquina dunes are located on Joaquina beach and are the most sought after for the sandboard, a surfing modality practiced in the sand. This place is marked by the coarse sands at the beginning of the access road, which soon gives way to the admirable strips of fine sand, perfect for capturing beautiful images.


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