6th Electronic Injection Festival


September 24, 2016 recorded another chapter of the Electronic Injection Festival in Florianópolis. The indecisive weather - sun rain sun rain - gave a truce and did not prevent thousands from attending the 6th edition of the largest open bar electronic music festival in Brazil. Three different stages brought to life the vibe that only a festival like Injection can provide.


On the Resistence Forest stage, located at Terazza, the night focused on the roots of electronic music in a darker setting. Bruno Bez's scenery and projections created the underground atmosphere. In the cabin, Warung's resident, Aninha, was punctual and won the hearts of those who prestige her with an incredible set.

The atmosphere in Palladium Cave, inside Pacha, was at a thousand to the sound of Du Kloppel, Dazzo and FactaLL. According to information from the organization, some of the most praised DJs of the party. But it wasn't just in the warm atmosphere of the Palladium that the atmosphere was on fire. The eleven degrees, which it did on the main stage, were never so insignificant. The energy and vibe brought by ALF hp, Repow and Alex Stein made the guys see the day dawn on an incredible trip.

It seems that the saying "the first electronic injection is never forgotten" that I was told so much, really came true. The day dawned with the shy sun. It was time for the creatures of the night to go home, this chapter is over.

The news is that the story continues. On November 01st, the eve of the holiday, Palladium, the label-party of the Electronic Injection Festival, takes place. For the first time in Floripa, it brings the best of the deep house.  

Photo: Stage Celebrate - Adriel Douglas

Larissa Liz - Writing Guide Floripa



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