Writer from Palhoça performs double launch at the Laudelino Weiss Cultural Center

Willian Schütz will present the works “Alegoria Imaginária” and “Sociopoesia” on Saturday (19), from 14 pm to 17 pm; The event will be open to the public

Palhoça writer Willian Schütz is about to hold a double release in one of the emerging cultural spaces of Greater Florianópolis. In this context, the books “Alegoria Imaginária” and “Sociopoesia” will be launched on August 19th, Saturday, in an event open to the public. The party will take place from 14 pm to 17 pm at the Laudelino Weiss Cultural Center, the new Casa de Cultura located in the center of Palhoça.

With free admission, the event will feature poetic interventions, chats, booths and cocktails. To this end, the Palhoça Municipal Sports and Culture Foundation (Fmec) supported the event, providing space for the occasion. The artist collective A Bolha also supports the initiative.

Launched by Letras e Versos, a publishing house in Rio de Janeiro, the two works include poems written by Willian Schütz between the end of 2022 and mid-2023.

In this way, the book "Sociopoesia" brings reflections on the recognition of the individual before his own social reality. Through minimalist poetry, the work presents themes such as identity, belonging and social ills such as inequality, for example. All this in a subtle, metaphorical and poetic way, in more than 100 pages with unpublished texts.

“Alegoria Imaginária” is composed of poems that mix diverse influences with symbolist and psychedelic elements. In this way, the book presents an allegory about “writing”, valuing subjectivity and describing a dreamlike world based on the author's visions. Thus, the verses of “Alegoria Imaginária” flirt with irrationality to reframe reality.

During the party, the author will do autograph sessions on both works.

On the same afternoon as the launch, the Maracatu Tamboritá group will hold an open rehearsal at Praça 7 de Setembro, right in front of the literary event.

Admission is free, as is participation in all activities. Books can be purchased on site.

About the Author

Willian Schütz lives in Palhoça (SC). He is a journalist, editor and has received more than fifteen literary and cultural awards. Between 2018 and 2023, he wrote the books “Insânia Mundana”, “Saudades do que não foi e volta”, “Insânia de Saudades”, “Sociopoesia” and “Alegoria Imaginária”.

In the same period, Willian worked in newspapers, portals and press offices, in addition to signing texts published in communication agencies throughout Brazil. Currently, in addition to working in the areas of journalism and advertising, the writer is an academic of Letters - Portuguese Language. Schütz is now working on finalizing another book: “As the couplets say”, scheduled for release in 2024.

the edits

“Alegoria Imaginária” has 80 pages in a deluxe edition, with a 115-gram glossy coated paper core, a cardboard cover with ears and a glossy dust jacket exclusive to the launch edition. Copies will retail for $50.

In turn, “Sociopoesia” has 107 pages and presents an edition with yellow pollen paper weighing 90 grams. The cover of the work is in cardboard with glossy lamination and ears. Each copy will cost $40.

During the event, it will also be possible to purchase a combo with both editions, for R$ 80.

Despite the book sales, it is worth mentioning that entry to the event is free.


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