Planet Atlantis 2014

Two days at the biggest festival in the south of the country.

Despite having always lived in Santa Catarina, I had never been to the planet atlantis still. In other words, everything I saw on the 17th and 18th of January would be new to me. The festival venue was large and the stages well distributed, with food service and some toys between them. The line-up had several national and international attractions, but it had fewer artists compared to a few editions. Planet Atlantis 2014 - Armandinho

1 Day the gaucho Armandinho opened the festival. A good choice, since the singer is based in Florianópolis and is well known by the public. I am in favor of choosing artists from the region for the opening of the Planet. Another alternative would be the band Dazaranha, which has opened the festival on other occasions. The first song of the show was A Ilha, which followed other well-known compositions by the singer, such as Eu Juro, Ursinho de Dormir, Desenho de Deus and Outra Noite que se Vai. The closing was with Semente, a song from the time when the artist was still part of the Universal Music label. At the end of the performance, the singer threw himself into the audience and made the fans happy, who shouted Armandinho's name before he left the stage. The band Jota Quest continued the marathon. The show by the Minas Gerais group was the most themed of the festival, with colored lights on the sides of the stage and an 80s disco vibe, a style that the band adopted in their latest album, Funky Funky Boom Boom. Three songs from the band's new work were played, including Mandou Bem, which opened the show. Several hits were part of the setlist, such as Na Moral, Só Hoje, Além do Horizonte and Tempos Modernos, a re-recording that was the theme of the 2012 season of the soap opera Malhação and played a lot on the radio. The penultimate song of the show was Wating for You, which will be the band's next single. Vocalist Rogério Flausino asked the audience to sing the chorus several times, and the song stuck in his head for a long time. To close, the song Do Seu Lado excited the audience and ended the presentation well.

Planet Atlantis 2014 - The Rappa

The Rappa was the next band to perform. One of the shows that I was most looking forward to, but that, for many, did not match the style of the festival, even because it was between Jota Quest and Ivete Sangalo, artists who put on extremely lively shows. Lado B Lado A opened the presentation, which left the group's greatest hits, such as My Brother, Súplica Cearense and Me Deixa, for the end. Vocalist Falcão also made a quick speech in the form of a tribute to Chorão and Champignon, from the band Charlie Brown Jr, who died last year. The hit Anjos, one of the most played rock songs on radio in 2013, ended the show. I missed songs like Minha Alma and Pescador de Ilusões, great hits by the group, but which were not played on the show. the block of Ivete Sangalo came next. I confess that I didn't expect much from the show and I was surprised. With a lot of energy and animation, the singer from Bahia made everyone jump in carnival rhythm. Ivete's current single, Tempo de Alegria, opened the show. Unlike O Rappa, the singer from Bahia put her hits right at the beginning of the presentation, singing Acelera Aê, Festa e Sorte Grande (Poeira). Ivete also paid tribute to Reginaldo Rossi, singing the song Garçom, and stating that she has already been betrayed and that one day everyone will be too. Something that called attention in the presentation was the perfect harmony between the choreography and the band. In addition, the energy and happiness of Ivete Sangalo is impressive, who ran around the stage, participated in the choreography while singing and cheering the audience. And all this without taking a sip of water during an hour and a half of performance, which ended with the song Isto Aqui, Oque É, by Caetano Veloso.

Planet Atlantis 2014 - Donavan Frankenreiter

The international attraction of the day was Donavon Frankenreiter. Playing surf music, he put on a light show. However, after Ivete's energetic show, and with a large part of the audience already tired, Donavan ended up losing a large part of the audience, since most of the spectators left the main stage. The highlight was the last song, It Don't Matter, when the Californian singer called two fans to sing with him on stage. When the show ended, Donavan gave his coat to one fan and his hat to another. To close the night, the electronic group Ask2Quit took to the Planet stage. As soon as the show started, I was on the venue's Ferris wheel, and I saw a large amount of people who were on the e-planet and elsewhere return to the main stage, which filled up again. The group, formed by DJs Marcelo CIC, Leo Janeiro and Vagalume, played several hits, such as Wake Me Up, Play Hard and Animals. 2 Day

Planet Atlantis 2014 - Gabriel the Thinker

I arrived late and missed the boyband show P9, which was the first attraction to perform. However, I saw the presentation of Gabriel about Pensador, which came next. I was curious to watch the singer's show, as I had known his work for a long time. And the audience's reception was better than I expected, with excitement and many people getting to know the rapper's songs, who don't appear much in the media anymore. Towards the end of the show, after the song Lonely Surfer, Gabriel amended his string of hits: Portrait of a Playboy, 2345half78 and Astronaut. It ended with Until Quando, its great hit and one of the best national compositions since I started listening to music.

Planet Atlantis 2014 - Cone Crew Board of Directors

Then he took the stage to Cone Crew Board of Directors, a very popular rap group among teenagers. In 25 minutes of presentation, the group sang their greatest hits, such as Chefe de Quadrilha, Pronto para Take the Power, Religião do Fuda-se, Rainha da Pista and Chama os Mulekes. After the third song, rapper Rany Money pulled a chorus from the audience and spoke ill of popular musicians such as Michel Teló, Luan Santana and Restart. Then, amid rhymes and improvisation, he explained that he didn't want to offend the musicians' person or family, but their image.

Planet Atlantis 2014 - Raimundos

After that, the band Raimundos entered the stage. The lack of Rodolfo, the group's lead singer until 2001, is great, but Raimundos proved that they are still a very good band in concerts. The song Mulher de Fases opened the set and made the whole audience sing and jump. In the following song, O Pão da Minha Prima, singer Digão asked them to open a punk circle. In the midst of heavy guitar riffs, a small punk circle was opened in the box, in a space close to the stage, and about 20 people - including me - participated in the game. The songs Palhas de Coqueiro, Nessa and Esporrei na Manivela continued the show, which ended with the very fun Me Lambe. After that, Digão invited the group Cone Crew to return to the stage. Together, they paid tribute to the band Charlie Brown Jr playing the hit Zóio de Lua. The presentation continued with the song Eu Quero Ver o Oco, by Raimundos, and ended with Killing in the Name, by the band Rage Against the Machine. A show that made the planet shake. The festival continued with Lulu Santos, who entered playing the hit Toda Forma de Amor, followed by When a Certain Someone and The Last Romantic. The singer also sang his new single, Sócio do Amor, presented for the first time in the final of The Voice. More hits followed, such as Só Mais Uma de Amor, Sábado a Noite and Como uma Onda, sung in chorus by the audience. The ending was with the song Tempos Modernos.

Planet Atlantis 2014 - Guys

The group just to contradict took the stage for his first performance on the planet. The show was similar to the group's 25th anniversary special DVD released last year. The opening was with the song O Samba Não Tem Fronteiras, and preceded the success Que se Chama Amor. In the middle of the performance, SPC paid homage to the 90s pagode, playing songs by Katinguelê and Molejo. To close, the two biggest hits of the group: Além do Prazer and Essa tal Liberdade, which led many fans to delirium. For many, the American rapper's show Flo Rida it was the most anticipated of the Planet Atlantis. He disappointed by using playback on most of the songs, but he put on a very lively show, raising the audience that was at Sapiens Park. The opening with Right Round, one of the singer's greatest hits. Then came others like Club Can't Handle Me, Low, Whistle and I Cry. In Wild Ones, he wrapped himself in a Brazilian flag and shouted 'I Love you Florianópolis'. To end her participation, Flo Rida sang the song Good Feeling, one of the biggest hits in the world in 2012 and which was sung in chorus by the audience. To close the festival, the German DJ Keemo played a setlist to cheer up whoever was still on the main track. In almost an hour of presentation, the DJ played original songs and other DJs, as in the case of the song Hey Brother.

In addition to the shows...

Atlantis Planet 2014 - Toys

Of course, the 13 shows were the biggest attraction of the festival. However, there were interesting areas beyond the main stage. An example is the amusement park installed on site, available free of charge and with sponsors. The first, and most radical, is the Extreme, a pendulum that rotates 360º and guarantees the public's enjoyment. The second is a toboggan that is 12 meters high, but quite slow. On the descent, the participant always ends up stopping for lack of speed, which takes the emotion out of the toy. The traditional Ferris wheel is the ultimate toy. With a good height, it is possible to have a view of the entire park.

Planet Atlantis 2014 - Stage

Gabriel Lima Photos: Mario Costa and Gabriel Lima


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