3rd Hospitalization Party

I've been to several university parties organized by Ufsc students. However, in this one there was something that caught my attention: the different open bar. In addition to beer, vodka, jurupinga, water and soda available all night, there was a themed open bar, which made reference to several countries. I thought the idea was very good, considering that the party was organized by the International Relations course, and this was a good way to bring the event closer to the course. The themed open bar changed drinks every hour, passing through Brazil (caipirinha and cachacinha), Portugal (wine), Mexico (tequila), France (sparkling) and Scotland (whisky). A real trip around the world, in which I wanted to participate.

I arrived a little late at the party and missed the first stage, the caipirinha. But ok, I started with the wine. Meanwhile, on stage, the Samba School Drums were finishing their show. A few minutes later, the band Pink Revolver took the stage. The group, formed by four girls, surprises. Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Deep Purple are some bands that are part of the repertoire, which favored classic rock. In Aerosmith's Cryin', the singer even showed that she can play the harmonica, leaving some people in ecstasy. To close, Pink Revolver played Rage Agains the Machine, and a group of fifteen people created a punk circle in front of the stage. I found it interesting, since it is something unusual at Ufsc parties. After that it was time for the tequila. There was a long line, and some people even got to the bar early and waited almost ten minutes for the drink to be released. To the sound of university sertanejo, the clock struck 2:XNUMX when the sparkling wine was released. I don't know if it was the tequila's fault, but the bar was already much emptier, which made it easier for those who still wanted to participate in the trip around the world. Returning to the subject of music, the university sertanejo, as is usual at these parties, was the rhythm that most excited the public. songs like I'm not worth anything e cry, call me joined several couples, who danced and flirted. The disappointment was due to the last stop of the round the world, the one I was most looking forward to: Scotland. I arrived at the bar at 3:30 and there was no more drink. Strange, considering that the party was a lot emptier and there wasn't much movement in the bar. It is worth remembering that the organization said that the whiskey would be served until 4 am. Despite that, I enjoyed the party. I didn't get to go around the world completely, as I had planned, but I had a great time and enjoyed the open bar. If it is repeated in the second semester edition, I think about attending the party again. Gabriel Lima gabrielduwe@gmail.com Photos: Site Olho na Foto


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