Banda Yaju e os Hipertensos stars in the second live session of the project 'A Bolha Sessions'

Interspersing songs and interviews, the video was released this Monday (8), on the channel of the collective A Bolha on YouTube

Vibrant colors and a mixture of sounds and sensations are characteristics that the band Yaju and the Hypertensive stars the second live session of the series "The Bubble Sessions". Containing an unprecedented presentation in the studio, the material was released this Monday (8), on the collective's YouTube channel. In addition to the performance, the video features an exclusive interview with singer Yaju.

The “A Bolha Sessions” project consists of a series of presentations recorded in the studio, interspersed with interviews. The proposal is to present the Palhoça artists that are part of the collective, through presentations that can be seen for free on the internet as many times as the internet user wants. The result can be checked for free on the website:

In this format, the first season has five unpublished videos — all of them recorded in the studio Octopus Soundbox, in the Center of Palhoça. The first of them was starring the band AKANO Á and is still available on the d'A Bolha channel on YouTube. And the third Session already has a date set to be released, it will be on May 18th. The other attractions remain as surprises. 

For the first time playing in a live session, the band Yaju e os Hipertensos is formed by Yago Jukowski (Yaju, on vocals), Dierre Pichorz (low), Oliver Sylvester (battery) and Thiago Santos (guitar). With the musicians wearing raincoats in full heat of the recording, the video exceeds 23 minutes and serves as a gateway to the quartet's sound: a miscellany of styles that goes through rock, indie, lo-fi and drinks from the fountain. of big names in Brazilian music.

Therefore, the video was directed by Jorge Kloppel, with edits by Anderson Durval. The sound recording, mixing and mastering processes were in charge of Dierre Pichorz — with technical assistance from Kleberson Andrade.

Arthur Paim was responsible for operating one of the cameras, in addition to doing the making of, along with Victor Folster — both are members of the band cambirel. The graphic direction was carried out by the designer Thiago Duarte. It should be noted that everyone involved with the production is part of the collective A Bolha.

Yaju and the Hypertensive

Memories and reflections on everyday experiences inspired singer Yaju to compose and release the EP “Years Before The Bad Times”. Released in 2021, the work features “Pass Times”, “Come To Be Mine”, “Walk Alone” and “Confused”.

But life changes made the composer find new creative paths. From bar tables and studio visits, Yago gathered friends to create new songs and reinterpret old ones. In this way, Oliver Silvestre took over the drums, Dierre Pichorz incorporated the bass and Thiago Santos started to lead the guitar. Finally formed the band.

As in the live session, wearing yellow raincoats, the musicians climbed onto the stage of the “Borbulha” event last November, announcing what was to come. Now, the expectation is to continue the creative process together and release new material soon.

live sessions

The video series “A Bolha Sessions” is the version that the Palhoça collective found to carry out their own live sessions: musical presentation format that is recorded live and transmitted over the internet. “This initiative means that physical boundaries do not exist, as we promote the works of these artists from Palhoça in a virtual space, where the reach is unlimited”, justifies the organization. 

the bubble

The collective A Bolha aims to integrate different artists from Palhoça and region, breaking social bubbles and boosting the visibility of those involved. For this purpose, the group performs recordings in the studio, live sessions, events and provides communication assistance. 

More information about the collective can be consulted on the profile @abolhacoletivo on Instagram and on the page on Facebook. 


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