Travel photos: how to improve definition, remove background and more

Travel photos are a wonderful way to capture special memories and moments during your adventures around the world. However, sometimes these photos may not turn out exactly as we want them to. 

The good news is that there are tools and techniques available to sharpen and even remove the background from your travel photos.

An excellent example of this is the CapCut Online, which consists of a versatile video and photo editing tool, which offers a lot of practicality and security for those who love to innovate and make their content perfect.

Therefore, so that you know how to use this tool to improve definition, remove background and much more from your special memories, we have gathered some of the most relevant information to share with you.

Therefore, be sure to read until the end so you don't miss anything important on this subject!

Travel photos: how to improve definition, remove background and more

Whether photographing stunning landscapes like beaches and forests, historic monuments or precious moments with loved ones, enhancing your travel photos can make all the difference. This is because, unfortunately, there are factors that can make these images not look so good.

However, the good news is that there are incredible tools that are capable of making your photos perfect. A perfect example of this is CapCut, which has many features so you can leave your images the way you want.

Some functions of this platform include:

  • Cutting and cropping videos and images;
  • Possibility of adding texts, subtitles, titles and soundtrack to the content;
  • Filters and effects, among others.

Therefore, check below how to use the platform for this purpose:

Prepare your photos

First, before we dive into editing techniques, it’s important to prepare the ground. So make sure your photos are organized and stored in an easy-to-access location, whether on your device or in the cloud. This will save time and make the editing process easier.

Remember that organization is the key to an efficient workflow. 

Therefore, create specific folders for your travel photos and classify them by destination, date or theme. This will help you easily locate the images you want to enhance.

Access CapCut online

As already mentioned, the free online video editor CapCut is a solid option for enhancing travel photos. This is because with a variety of features and an intuitive interface, it offers the flexibility necessary to perform quality edits.

To start enhancing your travel photos, simply access CapCut in your browser. One of the main advantages of this platform is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, which means you can use it on a variety of devices. 

Enhance the definition of your travel photos

A blurry or low-resolution travel photo can be frustrating. Fortunately, CapCut allows you to improve image sharpness and quality. 

So, start by uploading the photo you want to enhance on the platform. 

So next go to the image editing option and find the sharpening tools. 

Furthermore, adjust these settings carefully, as the objective is to improve the definition of the photo without making it excessively grainy.

Remove unwanted backgrounds with CapCut

Sometimes the background of a travel photo can distract from the main subject. However, the good news is that with CapCut, you can easily remove background from video and photos, or even replace them. 

To do this, use the platform's selection tools to isolate the object or person you want to keep in the image. Then, after selection, you can apply the "Remove Background" option and let CapCut do the heavy lifting for you.

Adjust exposure and contrast

The lighting isn't always perfect when taking travel photos, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for dark or overexposed images. 

Turns out, with CapCut's online exposure and contrast adjustment tools, you can fix lighting issues and bring out the details in your photo.

This way, upload your photo to the platform and access the exposure adjustment options. So, in this step, you can increase or decrease the brightness of the image to achieve the desired balance.

Correct colors and tones

As many may already know, colors are fundamental to the quality of a photo. So, if the colors in your travel photos are not right, know that it is possible to correct them with the CapCut tools.

So, you can follow the platform's guidelines to adjust the color balance so that your image accurately reflects the tones of the location where the photo was taken.

Highlight important details

Some details in your travel photos may be more important than others. So, with CapCut, you can highlight specific elements to ensure they stand out in the final image.

To do this, simply use the platform's selective highlighting tool. This will allow you to apply brightness and contrast adjustments only to the areas you want to emphasize.

Add filters and special effects

To give your photos a unique touch, CapCut offers a variety of filters and special effects, from vintage to modern.

This way, you can add an extra dimension to your travel photo. Try different options and choose the one that best suits the atmosphere of your photo.

Export and share your travel photos

Finally, once your travel photos are polished and ready to shine, it's time to export them and share them with the world. Therefore, after you complete editing, it is important to save them in a high-quality format. 

Choose JPEG or PNG format to maintain image quality, then set the resolution to the desired size, ensuring your photos are ready to print or share online.

Now that you know how to improve definition, remove background and much more in your travel photos, follow the guidelines to have incredible memories of your leisure moments!


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