Florianópolis opens space for digital with an investment of R$ 900 thousand destined to tourism

Source: Unsplash

The Florianópolis region has always been the tourist destination for many Brazilians and also for some foreigners. However, with the restrictions imposed in 2020 and 2021, the capital saw the sector being negatively affected with the absence of tourists. Something that the State Government wants to change in 2022, and more than BRL 900 was allocated to the launch of the Inovatur II program. The project aims to increase the digitization of the sector, focusing on publicizing the city on the internet, with online videos, podcasts and other digital tools.

This second edition of the Inovatur program was announced in November last year, and focuses on 16 different projects. The investment of R$ 912 thousand was the result of an initiative by the Santa Catarina Tourism Development Agency (Santur) with the Santa Catarina State Research and Innovation Support Foundation (Fapesc). This union only happened because of the thought of using digital technology to promote tourism in Florianópolis. An innovative idea, but one that is becoming more and more common in Brazil.

In addition to publicizing the city on social networks, some of the projects also focus on digital services for tourist attractions throughout the region, including traditional museums and historic public spaces. Thus, the tourist can get to know a little more about Floripa even before traveling, and discover that the capital of Santa Catarina not only has beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, but also many places to visit. The Municipal Market, for example, is usually one of the most popular places in the city during the summer.

One way to achieve all this digitalization is with initiatives focused on the internet. Therefore, during the presentation, the main focus was on ways to share city content on the web. The easiest way is with online videos, giving a greater focus on social media. Currently, the presence of the Florianópolis tourism sector in digital media is small, and some of the projects of the second edition of Inovatur aim precisely to increase this. Creating a podcast, for example, is something that can happen during the year 2022.

Online videos in focus

The priority for the coming months will be to publicize the city, already thinking about 2023, with online videos. Currently, only in Brazil, this format has been consumed by almost 90% of people connected to the internet. That is, the reach of this content is high and it can be used in different ways with a focus on tourism. One idea is make video with photos of Florianopolis and publicize on the most popular social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook. Thus, images that were previously static content become more interactive and dynamic.

Among the 16 projects we mentioned, one that stands out is the one that makes use of innovative technologies to collect city data. This is important not only to discover the best content that can attract attention, but also to understand the tourist profile of Florianópolis. After all, since 2018 the city is one of the most sought after by foreigners during the vacation period.

Tourism in Floripa is an important issue, and a new investment is always good news for the population. There are several ways to make the sector grow, and some Inovatur projects will make a difference in the coming years. The most important part is to bring this digital world to tourism, because only then will it be possible to follow trends in other Brazilian regions, and also in foreign countries.


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