Arrais nautical license: what is it, how much does it cost and where to take the course?

Navigation is an ancient activity that still captivates and fascinates humanity today and, for those who wish to explore the seas and take their nautical license, it is essential to understand the step by step process to follow this journey.

The category Arrais is known as the kick initial platform for those who want to navigate safely and confidently and have a even deeper contact with the sea and marine nature.

Next, understand better about this category, costs, validity, requirements and step by step from choosing the course to the test written in the Navy.

Types of nautical license

A nautical wallet It's very documentation similar to the National Driving License or CNH, with categories for each type of vehicle, whether land or water. Understand more about below each one of them:

  • Captain-Amateur;
  • Master-Amateur;
  • Arrais-Amador;
  • Motorcyclist;
  • Sailboat;

Vessel types for each category

Each category of nautical license allows the driving of different types of vessels. See more below:

  • The Amador Captain is able to drive speedboats, sailboats and pleasure yachts;
  • A Master-Amateur qualification can pilot larger yachts and medium-sized vessels for ocean navigation;
  • O Arrais-Amador can drive small and medium-sized boats, sailboats and speedboats;
  • The Motonauta is able to drive motor boats, jet skis and motor-powered pleasure craft;
  • The Sailboat can drive sailboats, catamarans and small sailing boats;

It is important to highlight that each of these categories corresponds to the size and power of each type of vessel. That way, for each one it is necessary to take courses with different content and levels of different knowledge and skills.

What is the Arrais category?

Arrais is the ideal category for those who want to drive vessels classified as Sport and Recreation for navigation in inland waters, from June 2024.

The vessels that the driver Arrais can drive are: speedboats and sailboats, within the interior limits. It is allowed to browse rivers, lakes, dams and coves for a good initial experience and to acquire knowledge and practice in the art of navigation.

This is the first step in the nautical categories, which provides the student with a solid understanding of both theory and practice.

What is needed to get a license Arrais?

Requirements for applying for a license nautical are simple:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Have valid documentation in Brazil (RG, CPF and CNH);
  • Carry out medical examinations to ensure physical fitness;
  • Take the specific course for the Arrais category;

It is necessary for the student to pay attention because, according to with the chosen category, may have additional requirements, such as proof of minimum navigation hours.

Arrais EAD qualification course

There are many accredited schools capable of providing students with good expertise. To find out about them, just go to the navy website and check the Nautical School in Florianópolis to give theoretical and practical courses.

However, a difference between all these options is the offer of a distance learning modality, where the student can access from anywhere and enter the theoretical content in an immersive way, with PDF handouts in an interactive authorial application, with several video classes recorded and distributed in modules, with specific exercises on each subject and a updated simulation for the Arrais da Marinha test.

After finishing the course, the student must enter the federal government application to schedule the Navy written test and pay the fee fee, which costs around R$52 (prices may vary).

Photo: Escola Náutica Sampaio.


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