The 2022 World Cup Guide in Florianopolis: Where and How to Watch the Qatar Cup Games in Florianópolis

The 2022 World Cup already has a date and time to start. The opening game will be between Senegal and Holland, on November 21 of this year, starting at 7:00 am, Brasília time. Brazil, on the other hand, has its debut scheduled for the 24th, in the match against Serbia, which will start at 16:00, Brasília time.

The proximity of the event has already started to stir up football lovers. As in other editions of the World Cup, it is expected that the City Hall of Florianópolis and shopping centers in the city will move to broadcast, in real time, the matches of the Brazilian National Team in the Qatar Cup.

Beira-mar should have coverage of Brazilian games

During the 2018 World Cup, Beira-Mar Norte was chosen as the meeting point for Brazilian fans. The place is constantly chosen by different event organizers due to its easy access and its popularity for tourists and Florianopolitans.

During Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022 The expectation is that the City Hall of Florianópolis will invest again in a structure that allows fans to follow, in real time, the games of the Brazilian National Team. In this case, the transmission is usually free. However, it's worth getting there early.

After all, Beira-Mar usually fills up with cars to watch the games of the Brazilian team. So avoid queues and get there early. If necessary, Beira-Mar has a structure for some food and drinks before the games start.

Shopping malls are also an option.

Shopping malls in the city of Florianópolis also usually broadcast the matches of the Brazilian National Team in real time. Friendlies and matches from other competitions are not usually broadcast. However, the matches in which the Brazilian team will enter the field to seek the 6th world title will possibly be broadcast on big screens in malls.

Unlike Beira-Mar Norte, where it is an open place, malls are closed places. So, if the weather is not very pleasant and that south wind is blowing hard, the best option is certainly to choose a shopping center and join several fans to cheer for Brazil.

As well as in Beira-Mar Norte, football fans will find a good structure to watch the Brazilian team matches. After all, all malls in Florianópolis have parking, availability of food court and security to protect their visitors.

A special tip is for the Open Shopping, in Jurerê Internacional. The venue has hosted Cultural Marathon in 2022 and has a totally open style, being a good option for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Beira-Mar, but still see the game outdoors close to one of the main beaches in Florianópolis.

Private events with game streaming

The last option indicated for those who want to leave home to watch the Brazilian National Team matches at the Qatar World Cup are private events with live broadcast. During the 2018 World Cup, some nightclubs broadcast the national team's games in real time in structures created exclusively for the Brazilian team's matches.

Some of the nightclubs that broadcast the games at that time were Fields, downtown, the bar O Fulano, in the continental region and the Cafe de la Musique, in Jurerê Internacional. For those who want to extend the games a little further and enjoy other attractions that nightclubs offer, then this option is certainly indicated.

Regardless of the location you prefer, the important thing is to choose the best option and cheer. If none of the places are to your liking, take the opportunity to gather the family and follow the matches of the Brazilian team, which take place on November 24 and 28, as well as on December 2, 2022, within the group stage. Then, between 03 and 06 the match for the round of 09, between 10 and 13 for the quarterfinals, between 14 and 18 the semifinal dispute and finally, on December XNUMX, the last game of the Brazilian team, in search of the sixth championship. , in the final match of the Qatar World Cup.


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