Collective releases video that portrays the reality of local culture

Recorded in Palhoça, the material was released on Saturday (8), on the collective's YouTube channel

“Do you know artists from Palhoça?”. Followed by negative responses, this question sets the tone for the first institutional video launched by Collective The Bubble. With a provocative content, the material aims to show the reality of local artistic production and, at the same time, demonstrate the group's concern in fighting for the strengthening of the arts in the region. The video was released last Saturday (8), on the collective on YouTube

According to the producers, “The video goes beyond illustrating the local scene, but also portrays the reality shared by most Palhoça artists: living with alternative professions and always seeking recognition; more than that, the video launches the provocation 'You're welcome', placing the collective as a point of support for these artists to try to reverse this situation”, describes official note. 

For this, the city is the central point for the setting of the material. This is because the recordings took place in important locations in Palhoça, with interviews held in the iconic Seventh of September Square and sections in front of the building of House of Culture of the municipality. Crucial to the city's cultural scene, the Unified Arts and Sports Center (CEU) was also crucial for the recordings. In addition to these, another space used was the studio Octopus Soundbox, in the center.

The result can be watched in full at the virtual address:

With a script signed by the collective itself, the video is directed by Jorge Kloppel Junior and a cast full of local artists who are part of A Bolha — including the musician Yago Jukowski, the writer William Schutz and the graphic designer Thiago Duarte. Other members of the collective were also crucial in the work: in addition to acting as extras, Arthur Paim, Anderson Oliveira, Dierre Pichorz e Victor Folster were responsible for technical assistance functions of the production. 

It is also worth highlighting the special participation of Marcella Renner Bach e Natasha Franke, partners of the collective. 

the bubble 

Active since 2022, the collective A Bolha, which seeks to integrate different artists from the region and promote the visibility of those involved, offers services such as studio recordings, live sessions, events and communication assistance. More information can be consulted on the profile @abolhacoletivo on Instagram and on the Facebook page:


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