Soul Cream: Palhoça band releases EP with five original tracks

Entitled "Samsara", the Palhoça trio's new work is available on the main digital platforms

Bringing together learnings and experiences from recent years, the band soul cream composed a series of original songs with a groovy and intense rhythm. The result is the band’s first EP: “Samsara fleet”, launched this Monday (2). The work is available on digital platforms. 

Composed of four tracks, the EP “Samsara” features transformation as a central theme, touching on aspects that involve maturation, frustrations and learning. 

With this motto, the release features the tracks “And Told You","Eraserhead","Dancing man","Report to the sensory"and "sunny place".

And to shape the work, the band had important contributions. The cover art, for example, is signed by the artist Julian Alexander Brzozowski, resident in Florianópolis. The musical part featured special appearances by Gabriel Lohn (trumpet), Sergio Luis Abreu (trombone), Manuel Trabucco (baritone sax) and Magrão Broering (tenor sax).

The EP was entirely produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dierre Pichorz at Octopus Sound Box, a studio located in the center of Palhoça.

To listen to “Samsara” in full, simply access the virtual address:

About Soul Cream

Based in Palhoça, Soul Cream presents a full-bodied sound that mixes elements of R'n'B, rock, funk, blues and soul. In this style, the group released the EP “SOS The Same Old Stuff”, in 2021, still as a quartet. 

Recently, the band became a trio with Dierre Pichorz on vocals and guitars, Jorge Kloppel Junior on the bottom and Oliver Sylvester on the battery. In this new phase, people from Palhocens produced new materials and performed at important events such as the 4th Song Festival, in Rio do Sul (SC) and the Florianópolis Cultural Marathon. Furthermore, the band launched the video series “Chá da Tarde Sessions”, with versions of famous songs. The trio is also part of the collective “A Bolha”, which mobilizes artists from Palhoça and the region.

News about the band can be found on the @soulcreamoficial profile on Instagram.


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