Premiere: collective of artists from Greater Florianópolis launches series of live sessions

The first season premieres this Friday (28), with a studio performance by the band Akanoá

A series of recorded live presentations, with performances, interviews and professional audiovisual production. This is the format adopted by the collective the bubble, which brought together artists from Palhoça (SC) to produce the video series “The Bubble Sessions”. The program premieres this Friday (28). 

With a mixture of rhythms and reflections on the local reality, the band Akanoá will be the protagonist of this first episode. The material can be seen on the collective's channel at YouTube, available on the site:

The “A Bolha Sessions” project consists of a series of presentations recorded in the studio, interspersed with interviews. The proposal is to present the artists from Palhoça (SC) who are part of the collective, through presentations that can be seen for free on the internet as many times as the internet user wants. In addition, the interviews bring more details about the participating artists. 

In this format, the first season has five unpublished videos — all of them recorded in the studio Octopus Soundbox, in the Center of Palhoça.

Debuting in this type of video, the band Akanoá is formed by Anderson Oliveira (low), Caetano Cainã (drums), John Thibes (vocals) and Matheus Barbi (guitar). The recording exceeds 23 minutes and serves as a gateway to the quartet's sound: a mixture of influences from rhythms such as ska, rock, reggae, samba and bossa nova. In addition, this studio performance featured two special guests: Sergio Luis, playing the trombone, and Gabriel Lohn, on the trumpet. With that, all the songs presented won original versions, exclusive to the video.

Therefore, the video was directed by Jorge Kloppel, with edits by Anderson Durval. The sound recording, mixing and mastering processes were in charge of Dierre Pichorz — with technical assistance from Kleberson Andrade.

Arthur Paim was responsible for operating one of the cameras, in addition to doing the making of, along with Victor Folster — both are members of the band cambirel. The graphic direction was carried out by the designer Thiago Duarte. The musicians Yago Jukowski (Yaju) and Oliver Silvestre also contributed, assisting in the technical production of the material.

It should be noted that everyone involved with the production is part of the collective A Bolha. 


The band Akanoá was formed in 2018 and has been conquering its space in the Santa Catarina scene, presenting energetic shows with a completely authorial repertoire. An example of this is the EP “An idea in this world”, released in 2022 and available on major digital platforms. The work has four tracks that have the whole identity of the band: enveloping sound and full of elements. In turn, the lyrics transit through different themes: personal experiences, reflections and political-social criticism. 

One of the group's anthems is “Song of the Race”, a song that brings energy to the stages where Akoaná steps — including the performance presented at “A Bolha Sessions”. Merging rhythms, the song opens with “An idea in this world” and is a continuation of the song “Maitê”, released on the band’s first EP, “Project"(2020). 

The band still reserves surprises. Unreleased compositions are ready and energies are focused on the production of the first album. The work already has a title: “Between falls and lulls”. In 2023, Akanoá has already launched the single "The beach". 

the bubble

The collective A Bolha aims to integrate different artists from Palhoça and region, breaking social bubbles and boosting the visibility of those involved. For this purpose, the group performs recordings in the studio, live sessions, events and provides communication assistance. 

recent achievements

The collective A Bolha was founded in mid-2022 and has already been carrying out a series of actions. In November last year, the group of artists debuted the event “Borbulha”. The party featured concerts by four bands, poetic performance and exhibitions. In 2023, the collective was present at events such as “CEU Social Afternoon”, event hosted by Municipality of Palhoça, Besides the Florianopolis Cultural Marathon, with the participation of the bands soul cream e Akanoá

Recently, the collective entered into a partnership with the cultural producer green witch. The result of this was the event “Witch's Pimple”, held in March. Representing A Bolha, the band Soul Cream, stood out by winning the Battle of Bands held by Bro Cave Pub in Florianópolis, in addition to being one of the 10 selected for the 4th Festival da Canção, in Rio do Sul. 

In April of this year, A Bolha also had remarkable events. Earlier this month, the group debuted their YouTube channel, featuring the video “Imagine”: material that presents a portrait of the reality of the cultural scene of Palhoça. Last Saturday (15), representatives of the collective participated in the inauguration of the House of Culture of Palhoça — including an exhibition of illustrations by the visual artist Nicole Kirchner.

More information about the collective A Bolha can be consulted on the profile @abolhacoletivo on Instagram and on the page on Facebook.


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