How to make a budget trip to Florianopolis

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Known as Ilha da Magia, Florianópolis is one of the most sought after destinations by Brazilian and foreign tourists for its natural beauty: there are more than a hundred beaches spread across the capital of Santa Catarina.

Florianópolis is also known for its nightlife, there are several bars, clubs and beach club frequented by people of all ages. If you are thinking of traveling here on this vacation, we have prepared some tips on how to make an economical trip to Florianópolis. Come on?

Plan your trip to Florianopolis

For a budget trip to Florianopolis, consider researching accommodation, airfare, tours or travel packages in advance to get better prices.

And although traveling to Floripa in low season is cheaper, in the months of May, June and July it usually rains a lot and temperatures are low, which can make going to the beach unfeasible.

“Florianópolis has such beautiful scenarios in the summer that the city has already served as a filming set for some feature films such as Sueño Florianópolis, Lulli, A Outra Pele and O Amuleto”, comment Nayara de Azevedo, from the Late Night Streaming portal.

Choose the best transport option

Florianópolis offers tourists an airport and a bus station, so you can choose whether to travel by bus, plane or your own vehicle. 

Decided to travel by plane? Track ticket prices on Skyscanner or Google Flights until you find the best value for money option.

Arriving in Floripa, we suggest you rent a car, as the island is big and the beaches are far from each other. To rent an economy car in the city, you must pay a daily rate of around R$100.

If you want to save money, take public transport. The ticket costs approximately R$4,50 and you must calculate at least two tickets daily. Tip: Consider getting the local transport card if your stay is longer.

choose your accommodation

Florianópolis offers accommodation options for all tastes, from hostels to hotels on the beach. According to the Booking website, you can find options with daily rates of R$200 to options with values ​​above R$800.

Look for food options

Our first tip to save on food is to look for an accommodation option with complimentary breakfast. Breakfast costs range from R$10 to R$20. With lunch, calculate between R$25 and R$40. For dinner, the price per person varies from R$40 to R$100 for the delicious dishes of the local cuisine.

Find leisure options

Florianópolis offers leisure options for all tastes. If you're looking for extreme sports options like paragliding and surfing, head to the east coast. For more traditional tours such as diving, speedboat rides, schooner rides, banana boats or kayaks, head to the northern region.

The southern region is ideal for those who want to know more about the history of the island at the time of Colonial Brazil. Finally, the central region concentrates the main tourist attractions in Florianópolis.

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